Wedding Photography Poses

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an important way to capture natural and staged poses of the bridal couple and wedding celebration. These pictures preserve the intimate moments, romance, and love of this special day that the couple can relive through each photo taken.

Classic Poses

Classic portrait-style poses are a staple in all wedding photography. These are the timeless images that will become favorite photos of the wedding day, and it is important to have at least a few of these basic poses as part of the photo session. The exact poses can vary from the couple holding one another to both the bride and groom facing the same way or switching positions, but the basic format of the photo and the pose stays the same.

Changing Angles

Changing angles to create different poses will offer a unique perspective on classic portraits. This is easy to do if there is a convenient ledge, overlook, or balcony, and the photographer can take photos both above and below the couple. The bride and groom should interact with the setting by placing a hand on the railing or looking up toward the camera from below, adding extra dimension to the pose.

Arrival Pictures

Arrival photos capture a moment of great anticipation on the wedding day. These poses could be the bride arriving in a limousine or carriage, the groom opening the church door, or a more distant shot showing either the bride or groom walking up to the church or ceremony site. To accompany this type of photo, a "waiting" pose is also popular and might show the bride watching for her groom out a window.

Veil Photos

A kiss under the wedding veil is a classic and romantic wedding pose, but instead of focusing just on the couple, it is a great opportunity to take a photo of the wedding rings. Either the bride or groom can be holding the edge of the veil and the focus of the photo should be on the rings. Other wedding photography poses that take advantage of the veil can be a "flyaway" image with a long veil trailing behind the bride, the bride's mother helping her adjust the veil, or the bride's father lifting the veil during the ceremony.


Using mirrors in different wedding photography poses is a clever and subtle way to capture both front and rear views and show all the details of a wedding dress. This can be done as a classic portrait pose, or may be staged as the bride is adjusting her hair or makeup before the ceremony. This is also a great option for a photo of the bride and her grandmother, mother, or maid of honor getting ready for the ceremony.

Ring Photos

It is always meaningful to take photos of the wedding rings. A hand kiss photo is a romantic and creative option, or the couple can hold hands over the bridal bouquet for a more traditional picture. Other choices include the groom's left hand gently touching his bride's lower back, or the bride's left hand resting tenderly on her groom's lapel.


A debonair "dip" kiss is a fun pose that captures the passion and excitement of the wedding day, and action photos always have a liveliness that is lacking in static poses. Other fun action photos include an on-bended-knee pose from the groom, the couple dancing together, the groom twirling his bride the air, or the couple running back down the aisle after the ceremony.

Across the Threshold

The groom carrying the bride is a sweet photo pose that mimics the "across the threshold" tradition and shows a fun intimacy between the couple. For a more comedic pose, the groom could be carrying the bride piggy-back, or if possible, the bride could even be carrying the groom.

Location Poses

A wedding location is chosen with great care for its beauty, and it is important to plan wedding photography poses that capture that beauty. For a beach wedding, for example, a couple should take plenty of photos near the water that highlight the color of the surf and the interesting geography of the site. These photos should not have a close focus on the couple that would eliminate much of that background, and instead should be more distant or panoramic shots.


For an evening event, silhouette photos are a romantic staple of a photography package. A close up profile of the couple will allow fading light to gently glow around their faces and through the wedding veil, and having the couple gazing into each other's eyes shows their love and romance even without much detail. Other popular silhouette poses include full shots of the couple walking into the sunset or a kiss with the light directly behind the couple.

Wedding Party Poses

Many people are included in wedding photos, and the bridal party may be a part of many different poses. Group shots with the groom and the bridesmaids, the bride and the groomsmen, and the couple with all their attendants are popular, and can have a touch of humor by choosing fun poses such as the "bridesmaids' kisses" photo with the groom, the groomsmen all carrying the bride or everyone showing their macho side with muscle flexes.

Faceless Photos

Not every photo needs to show the couple's faces. An intimate shot of their feet as the bride stretches up to meet her groom - presumably for a secret kiss - is a fun and unique option, made all the more interesting for beach weddings when the couple can be barefoot. Other faceless photos might show the bride's hands and feet as she slips on her garter or the groom's hands as he adjusts his tie.

Groom's Eyes

Many wedding photography poses focus on the bride, even if both the bride and groom are in the picture. Opt for several poses that focus on the groom as well to provide a balance. An intimate "hug" shot is a popular choice and shows the groom in a position of protective strength for his new bride, and another option might be taken from slightly behind the bride as the groom kisses her on the forehead.

Wedding Toasts

The wedding toasts are popular moments to capture with photos. A kiss with champagne glasses in the foreground is a great pose that can be more unique if it is taken from a low angle. Other wedding toast photos include showing clinking glasses, action shots of wedding speeches, or a full reception photo that shows all the guests raising their glasses toward the happy couple.

Happily Ever After

End of event "happily ever after" exit photos are always popular. These may be shots of the couple leaving their reception, or more unique poses that show them happily walking off into their life together, with a bit of exuberance tossed in for fun. Whatever pose is chosen, it should always show the couple making the most of the happiness they will now share together.

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