Wedding Party Pictures

Traditional Group Pose

Pictures of the wedding party can include traditional poses and unique creative ones. You'll want several poses taken with the entire bridal party as well as selective poses featuring the bridal couple with individuals, such as their parents, the best man and the maid of honor.

One popular traditional pose is to group the ladies on one side and the men on the other. The bride and groom pose in the center of the entire group. This pose works well indoors and out and can be done with any number of people making it ideal for all wedding party photos. When posing for a photo, be sure that everyone in the wedding party is properly centered and can be seen in the photo. Balance is key and can add to the overall effect of the photo.

At the Church

A classic wedding photo is to take the bridal party on the steps of the church. This pose is done with the bride and groom standing on the top of the stairs and the attendants standing below on each step. If there are flower girls or ring bearers, they are often placed with the bride and groom at the top. Children too small to stand can be held.

Small Party Pose

If you are having only a maid of honor and best man as your bridal party, a casual pose with the bride and groom in the center is a popular choice. This pose can be taken anywhere you choose, from a scenic outdoors location to where you say your vows.

Add Some Glamour

For a non-traditional photo, the bride and groom can pose elegantly in front of the bridal party. All attendants should be a foot or two behind them, and can pose as if they are trying to look glamorous and intense. The end result is a stunning photo that will be treasured for years.

Large Group Pose

It can often be a challenge to fit a large bridal party into one photo. Instead of having all the men stand to one side and the ladies to the other, have rows of just the ladies and just the gents. One way to accomplish this is to have the men kneel and the ladies stand behind them. Add the kids in front and you'll have a visually appealing shot. If you'd prefer the men to stand, have the ladies sit on small chairs or stools.

Another great way to fit everyone in to have the ladies stand in front and the men behind them forming two lines of people. The men can stand on something higher than the ladies so that they are easily seen in the photo, like risers or steps. The ladies can hold their flowers in front of them to add some interest and color to the shot.

Wearing Shades

Have everyone wear a pair of sunglasses for the photo to create a relaxed and fun photo. This works well for an outdoors shot and can be taken either in a pose or candidly.

Distance Shot

A unique photo is to take the wedding party walking or standing off in the distance. The group can be walking in any direction from right to left and even facing backwards. They can even stand as if they are looking at something in the distance. For a special touch, have the bride and groom hold hands. Be sure to include beautiful scenery such as green grass, white clouds, flowers, and natural landscape.

Candid Moment

Candid pictures are some of the best. This type of photo works well with any size group and can be taken almost anywhere, from leaving the church ceremony to enjoying the reception. For a unique shot, capture the bridal party walking out of the church while enjoying the moment after the ceremony. The beauty of this photo is that it captures the raw emotion of all involved in the shot.

Trolley Ride

Take a shot of the group in a trolley or limo. Everyone can be seated and looking directly at the camera while raising a glass to toast the special couple.

Blur Effects While Kissing

A great photo is to have the bride and groom the focus of the shot while the rest of the bridal party is blurred and out of focus. The couple can share a special kiss while the bridal party is walking towards the center of the picture. The effect highlights the feeling that the rest of the world may be moving, but time is standing still for the bride and groom.

Joined Arms

A cute photo is to have everyone in the bridal party link their arms and walk towards the camera. This shot works well outdoors on a path or lane where you can take advantage of beautiful scenery in the background. When the entire party makes a silly face or kicks up their legs, it adds a festive feel to the shot.

From the Back

For something different, take a photo of the bridal party with their backs to the camera. This is a great option for an outdoor shot with unique or beautiful scenery. On the beach, the added effect of the rolled pant legs on the men adds interest and separates this pose option from other basic back shots with everyone just standing there. Letting the bridal party chat with one another while shooting keeps them from looking stiff and posed.

Jump for Joy

Have the entire wedding party, including the bride and groom, jump up into the air. The ladies can hold their bouquets up in the air during the jump. Catch the moment when everyone's feet have left the ground. This photo is all about showing off the bridal party's excitement for the big day.

Be sure that your wedding photo poses reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. Add in shots that capture the joy of the day, and not only show the elegant side of a wedding, but the fun side as well.

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Wedding Party Pictures