Ugly Wedding Dress Pictures

Shackled in Beads

Pictures of an ugly wedding dress are a disappointing keepsake for a bridal couple. A bride should feel beautiful on her wedding day, but the wrong wedding gown can transform her day into a fashion disaster.

Pearls and wedding dresses usually make great companions but too many beaded pearl straps appear distracting, especially if they're not properly fitted to the contouring shapes of the neck and shoulders. The dress itself looks more like a slip than a gown, with a droopy, unflattering sweetheart neckline that looks like it could expose too much at any given moment. Someone, please free this woman from her bondage of beads.

I Believe I Can Fly

These oversized bell-shaped sleeves would be terrifying around candles and a real nightmare at the dining table. Although the dress fits her well, the sleeves give it a comical look, like more of a costume than a wedding gown. Just add a halo and she makes a lovely angel.

Runway or Run Away?

This dress looks sleek and sassy on the runway and might make a fun and flirty cocktail dress. However, flashing your upper thighs while walking to the altar is a surefire way to raise a few eyebrows. All that classy lace detailing does nothing to deter the eye from taking in all that exposed flesh, which is not very becoming for a bride on her wedding day. And the feathery sleeve cuffs aren't doing the style any favors, either!

Deconstructed Dress

This wedding dress is utterly confusing -- is it still under construction or has it been taken apart? Could it be a Frankenstein gown made from parts of other dresses? Even more disturbing is what is happening around the bride's neck, who also appears slightly confused and a little distraught. Perhaps her groom ran out on her but she was fortunately found and saved from a tragic fate.

Out of This World

At first glance, it's hard to tell if this is a wedding dress or some space-age material containing alien hieroglyphs. The mosquito netting around her waist helps capture small organic protein bundles needed for sustenance. This is not the type of bridal gown appropriate for a country church wedding but might be a perfect fit for sci-fi inspired nuptials.

Chick Stole My Look

This wedding dress is so unusual it surely can't be found anywhere else. Yet something about it seems so familiar... perhaps a similar look has appeared at some point in a nature documentary. If you're hoping to hide a baby bump, upper arm flaps or those love handles that three different diets couldn't seem to conquer, just surround yourself in shapeless fluff.

The Plastered Bride

This bride isn't drunk, she's trying to break free from that plaster body cast, or so it appears. No wonder she looks so stiff. The metallic embellishment going up the front of the dress looks like a zipper -- who would want a chunky metal zipper going up the front of their wedding dress?

Not So Pretty in Pink

A blush wedding dress shouldn't make your guests do the same. Sexy lingerie wrapped in tulle isn't a great look for the alter but could certainly put a smile on the groom's face once the wedding night rolls around. After that, you've got a great dress for a costume party.

Don't Say Yes to the Dress

Unless your wedding venue is the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, this wedding dress could possibly get you arrested for indecent exposure or give your wedding video an NC-17 rating. Yikes! Is that skirt attached to something? Just say no to this dress!

Looney Tunes

You would have to be stark raving mad to walk down the aisle in this little number. Only the added veil helps signify this outfit as a wedding dress. It's more befitting of what a 16-year-old would wear to prom. However, studies have shown pink to be a calming color and it is sometimes used in prison to keep the inmates toned down, so maybe it works on crazy "bridezillas" too. Just look at the flowers, ladies.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Could this be another embarrassing case of the dress caught in the underwear or is there just something missing here? Arguably, there are a couple of things missing:

  1. The front of this dress
  2. An elegant wedding gown

When choosing the perfect bridal gown for that fairytale wedding you've always dreamed of, seek out a design that doesn't have you flashing your unmentionables to the guests of honor sitting in the front row.

It's All in the Details
More Details"

This dress has so much potential with its classic A-line silhouette and beautifully sculpted sweetheart neckline -- why would someone ruin it with those awkward looking black flowers? Also distracting from an otherwise classy wedding dress are the boxy-looking silver straps, which look like a tacked-on after thought.

Bump and Roll
More Details"

The built-in primer of the wedding dress formula ensures coverage of dark spots. No, it's not really body paint but this ultra-clingy, formfitting mermaid dress with a fluffy trumpet bottom certainly comes off that way. This woman might be breathing through her feet. The most despicable part of this dress is that it will show every bump and roll above your knees, it's just that tight.

Bathroom Déor Collection

No need to worry about love handles when wearing this shower curtain inspired wedding gown from this year's colorful spring collection. This dress literally looks like it was stolen from a bathtub with its shapeless design and floral print. Maybe it comes with a matching loofa bouquet.

Sad Vintage Bride

If you don't mind looking like a 1960s kitchen chair, this could be your wedding dress. For the artistic bride, it would also make a stylish smock. The maternity silhouette is also very forgiving to those post holiday pounds plaguing January and February brides.

The Wrong Side of Wild

Animal print is not something you'll find on most wedding gowns unless it's a Quinceanera gown or evening gown passed off as a bridal gown. This ensemble appears to be a zebra print jacket thrown on over an out-grown Sunday school dress. Satin ballroom gloves don't add an ounce of elegance -- just an extra layer of tackiness.

What the ...?

This "wedding dress" is so outlandish it must have a crazy story behind it. Maybe a corporate client on a business trip to Vegas has fallen madly in love with his escort, who had to throw together a sexy French Maid outfit on a last minute call. She was in such a hurry to leave, she forgot all about the deep conditioning treatment still in her hair -- or it's high fashion that just doesn't make sense in the real world.

Ethereal Wedding Gown

Contrary to popular belief, this is not an apparition of a bride who fell overboard during her wedding cruise and drowned in fishing nets. These tattered rags are part of a real wedding gown -- one that would make a great Halloween costume for a zombie bride, ghost bride or perhaps a bohemian princess. It might also work well if marrying your sugar daddy in a "Rags to Riches" wedding theme.

What really matters on your wedding day is not whether you have fishnet in your hair or a wedding gown so tight it partially paralyzes you. All that really matters is the love shared on your special day, creating many happy moments going forward -- even if those happy moments are had by the guests as they snicker at your tragic gown.

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Ugly Wedding Dress Pictures