Summer Wedding Ideas

Sensational Summer Weddings

Ideas for a summer wedding capture the magic of the season. Fresh flowers, lots of green with warm soft breezes are just some of the great outdoor qualities you can infuse into your wedding celebration.

Ceremony Venues

Outdoor weddings are popular in the summer, because they take advantage of pleasant climates and fresh breezes. An outdoor gazebo makes a lovely ceremony site and is easily decorated. Other popular locations include gardens and country clubs.

Outdoor Receptions

In summer's pleasant weather, it is possible to have the entire wedding celebration outdoors. For a private event in the open air, look for courtyards or similar venues that feature tall walls and distance for seclusion and soundproofing. Consider choosing a place that has an indoor option as well, just in case of inclement weather.

Provide Some Shade

The summer's heat can be overwhelming; give your guests a shady retreat from the summer sun by hosting your reception beneath a canopy. The canopy can be placed to open it to a garden, beach or other venue, while giving some seating in the shade.

Light Decorations

Plain white chairs can be boring and predictable for a summer wedding ceremony, but they can easily be dressed up with sheer ribbons in coordinating wedding colors. Light ribbons have an airy, romantic feel at summer events.

Aisle Decorations

Instead of struggling with an aisle runner, a summer bride may opt for thickly scattered rose petals to create a stunning carpet for a very romantic walk. Coordinate the petals with the flowers and colors used in the wedding bouquet, and either scatter them across the entire aisle or mound them into a thick, beautiful border.

Wedding Water

Holding a wedding near water is a way to moderate the sun's heat and can be a romantic option. Many couples choose reception venues with fountains or pools, or the wedding ceremony may take place on a beach, near a waterfall, or on the side of a lake.

Garden Hook Decorations

Use garden hooks for a wide range of summer wedding decorations. Tie or wire several hooks together for a unique centerpiece holding flowers, candles or garlands. Dangle kissing balls or lanterns from single hooks along the side of the wedding aisle, or along a pathway.

Summer Lights

If your wedding reception will be carrying on well into dusk, consider using some summer-centric lighting options to light up the night. Torches make a great addition to beach weddings, and paper lanterns work beautifully during the day to bring color to the ceremony, as well as light later in the evening.

Simple Decorations

Summer is a naturally colorful season; consider choosing only simple decorations - a single rose in a classic bottle vase, for example - as a great way to add a special touch to the natural beauty of the season. Other simple options include using plenty of greenery or adding citrus fruits to vases for refreshing centerpieces.

Flower Arches

If you aren't being married beneath a chuppa or in a gazebo, consider creating a wedding arch made entirely of fresh flowers. The flowers create a frame around the couple, give a natural focal point to the event and help highlight the season.

Photo Opportunities

Having a summer or outdoor wedding can present you with a number of different photo opportunities you might not get otherwise. Take advantage of the natural views, landscape and scenery around you to get some unique wedding portraits.

Summer weddings are a great way to get creative and show off your sense of style, from your dress to the centerpiece, let summer shine through your wedding in all its glory.

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Summer Wedding Ideas