How to Fix a Ruined Wedding Day

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How to fix or salvage a ruined wedding day should be part of your nuptial arsenal for combating wedding mishaps and disasters. Planned back-up solutions and remedies will help you to recover from any possible mixups or problems.

Wedding Mishaps Happen

As anyone knows, even the most meticulously laid plans can go awry - even on a day as important as your wedding day.

Anticipate Problems

Luckily, many of the most common wedding mishaps can be anticipated in advance. For example, a wedding day survival kit is meant to help busy brides and maids out with any clothing, hair or makeup malfunctions. Rain is always a factor at outdoor spring weddings, so consider renting a tent in case of wet wedding weather.

Most problems that can be anticipated are easily worked around. In fact, even bright red wine stains on your dress can be edited out in the photos, and you can still dance the night away at your wedding. Going through a wedding checklist and wedding day timeline can help you foresee issues that may arise on the actual day of the wedding.

Big Problems

Not every mishap can be predicted, of course. The unforeseen problems are the ones that can truly ruin a wedding day and may require significant damage control. An otherwise lovely uncle may turn into his own version of Don Juan after a few too many drinks and cause a scene with some single bridesmaids. Caterers who have vehicle breakdown or kitchen fire may not be able to fulfill their contract, leaving you with hungry guests and no food.

In the emergencies listed above, it is important to stay calm. Fixing these larger problems requires clear thinking on your feet. Enlist your bridal party and parents or the reception hosts to help you figure out a solution. Thinking out of the box is important when big problems occur on your wedding day. You may need a father to escort the drunken uncle back to his room, or call in a large pizza delivery order. While the solutions are not ideal, they help salvage the wedding so that the festivities can continue.

Tips for How to Fix a Ruined Wedding Day

Deciding how to fix a ruined wedding day truly depends on what caused the ruination in the first place. Each situation is different and requires a different fix. Use these wedding planning tips and fixes for problems that may cause a wedding day to be ruined.

Absent Officiate

Perhaps the minister got sick or the justice of the peace is lost and your location is only booked for another 15 minutes. Whatever the reason, your wedding officiate is missing and you are worried you won't actually get married. It is unlikely you will be able to find a legal officiate that can arrive in time at such late notice.

Fix this by continuing the service as planned, recruiting someone with speaking skills to stand in for the officiate. You won't be legally married on your wedding day because the person is not authorized to actually marry you, but at least your ceremony and reception can continue as planned. Visit the courthouse the next day or arrange with the pastor to get married in a simple ceremony with a couple witnesses at a later date to make the wedding legal.

Family or Friend Feuds

On a wedding day, emotions are high for everyone directly involved in the wedding. This includes not only the couple, but parents, bridal party members and close friends. An offhand remark to one person may be taken as a personal insult by another.

Fix feuding family and friends by separating them as soon as possible and asking them to remain civil until the end of the wedding festivities. If they cannot agree to put aside their differences for your sake, ask them to respectfully leave. There is no reason you should have to put up with disrespect on your wedding day, causing potential ruin.

Wedding Oops

Vendor Issues

Vendor issues are another potentially ruinous problem on your wedding day. Make sure you call them a day or two before the wedding to confirm details, such as the order inclusions, arrival time and location.

Fixing a wrong order is up to the vendor. If they forgot something, ask them to have an assistant fetch the item or create a similar one. If food is late or the cake is not the design you requested, ask for a discount on their services.

When a vendor is missing, the problem becomes somewhat more difficult to fix. Ask friends and family to take multiple shots with their own cameras and send them to you if the photographer is absent. Consider doing a photo session after the wedding with a professional in their studio or at an outdoor location after the wedding.

Flowers that do not arrive can be fixed by a quick run to the nearest discount store. Pick up single long stem faux roses in your wedding colors and a spool of ribbon. Tie the ribbon around a single rose and then let long ends hang down in lieu of bouquets. Group several together in water glasses to stand in for centerpieces.

Staying Calm Is Crucial

Above all, staying calm is crucial when something threatens to ruin your wedding day. Screaming, fighting, crying or turning into a naughty bride are not ways to turn the day around. Instead, maintain your dignity and handle the situation the best way you know how. Remember that in the end, the only thing that matters is your relationships with your family, friends and new spouse.

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How to Fix a Ruined Wedding Day