Finding Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses

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Traditional Mexican wedding dress

If you want to wear a traditional Mexican wedding gown on your wedding day, you can choose from a variety of beautiful styles. This variety is due to the rich diversity of civilizations that influenced Mexico's development.

Traditional Styles Made Modern

Indigenous Influenced Styles

The Aztecs, Mayans, and other indigenous women of ancient Mexico wore brightly colored skirts and blouses made of cotton or cactus-based textiles. You can still see traditional colors and fabrics in current Mexican clothing styles, with their bright embroidery, use of color, knotted details, and use of natural, cool fabrics.

  • The Huipil wedding dress offered by Aida Coronado reflects traditional Mexican styles with its use of all-cotton fabrics and embroidery detail. At less than $250, it will also not break your budget. It would look great on the sand or at a casual backyard wedding and is designed to fit figures from small through extra large.
  • The Pajaritos Del Amor Mexican wedding dress, which is hand embroidered and offered by Aida Coronado, reflects the Mexican tradition of using bright colors in clothing and would look great at an outdoor wedding. The multi-colored flowers have a bohemian look, and it has a lovely lace addtion to the skirt with ruffles at the hemline. It comes in sizes medium through extra large.

Try a pattern offered by The Mexican Dress is perfect if you want to make and hand-embroider your own wedding dress that reflects ancient Mexican wedding styles. It features wildflowers and blue swallows with detailing at the bust and along the calf area. The pattern can be downloaded for only $5.

Spanish Influence

The Spanish have influenced the styles of traditional Mexican wedding dresses over the centuries more than any other culture. Dresses derived from Spanish influence often contain flamenco, salsa, and matador style-features. For example, wedding dresses with layered ruffles and bolero jackets reflect Spanish traditional clothing styles. These dresses are perfect for a large, elaborate or luxurious wedding.

  • The dress offered by LiquiWork contains a fitted bodice and flamenco-style skirt. Made of tulle and containing lace and satin embellishments, the dress costs $2,000. It is handmade, has a train, and has bias pleats on the bodice. Sizes are custom, so check their charts before ordering.
  • This dress offered by Lazaro contains a modern neckline, but it reflects traditional Spanish influences on Mexican culture through its having a fitted, elongated bodice and ruffled, flamenco-style skirt. It contains a chapel-length train and is made of lace and tulle. The price of this dress and sizes available can be obtained from your local Lazaro retailer.

To make your own flamenco dress, consider using this five-ruffle dress pattern offered by Flamenco Dress Making. It costs $6, and is designed to have a fitted bodice that begins to flair into flamenco ruffles just below the hip. Make it bridal by choosing a white fabric and adding a mantilla veil.

Bolero Jackets

Bolero jackets are usually sold separately from wedding dresses.

  • The off-the-shoulder lace bolero, which is sold by Tulip Bridal for $119, can be paired with simple or more elaborate gowns. It has three-quarter sleeves and hits at the waist. It comes in sizes small through extra large.
  • This all-lace bolero sells for just $39 from Bride of the Sea. It covers the shoulders completely, ends just below the bust line, and has three-quarter sleeves.

Each bolero jacket is unique, so you'll want to look at many styles before you decide which one is going to suit your dress the best. Tulip Bridal has an excellent selection with prices ranging from around $30 to $150.

Mantilla Veils

Another instance of Spanish influences on traditional Mexican wedding attire is the mantilla. The mantilla is a chapel-length veil typically edged with lace. It falls in a single layer from the bride's head and is not gathered or layered, as are most European and American veils.

  • Tulip Bridal offers this lace-edged mantilla for about $55. The lace on the veil is elaborate, and the veil's longest length hits just below the waist.
  • The Mantilla Company offers this mantilla veil that is edged with lace and costs around $190. The longest point of the veil's graduated length hits at the fingertips.

You can also create your own mantilla using this pattern offered by Butterick. The pattern has layouts for multiple types of veils, including one that looks like a mantilla, and costs just over $7. The mantilla veil pattern has a graduated hem, with the longest portion hitting at the waistline.

Church Influence

Bride in church-influenced wedding dress
Bride in church-influenced dress

Another influence on Mexican wedding dresses is the modesty required by the Catholic Church. If you plan to marry in a Catholic church, you will want to dress with respect for the sacredness of a religious ceremony. Traditional Mexican wedding gowns for church or cathedral weddings usually have three-quarter length sleeves and a high neckline.

  • Offered by Kite & Butterfly, the all-lace Rena Dress contains three-quarter sleeves and a modest neckline. Costing about $600, the dress' multi-tiered skirt is reminiscent of traditional Mexican cultural influences, thereby combining church and cultural influences. It comes in sizes extra small through double extra large.
  • The dress offered by Casablanca Bridal reflects church influence in its full -length lace sleeves and flamenco-inspired skirt. Add a lace shawl to cover your back during the church ceremony, and it's perfect. This dress is available in sizes 2 through 28.

To make your own wedding dress, consider this Butterick pattern, which costs about $12. The pattern is for a long-sleeved, high-necked wedding dress. The dress' modest neckline and sleeves make it perfect to wear in a Catholic church, while the lace embellishments on its sleeves reflect Spanish influences. Although the back of this dress is made of lace, you can easily modify the dress to use a non-revealing fabric.

Your Traditional Mexican-Inspired Gown

Mexican wedding fashion was influenced by various cultures. Many of the influences remain today, making it easy for you to wear a wedding dress that pays homage to Mexican culture.

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Finding Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses