Wedding Dance Floor Decorations

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Ideas for decorations to dress up the wedding dance floor can be as simple as potted plants and flowers around the perimeter. Tips for decorating a dance floor are helpful and include special lighting and a customizable dance floor.

Ideas for Wedding Dance Floor Decorations

The dance floor area is easily and cheaply decorated during the reception. Tie the decorations into your theme or your wedding color scheme to pull the reception decorations together.

On the Floor

The easiest way to decorate a dance floor is to start with the actual flooring itself. Look for party rental companies that offer dance floors that can be customized to suit your wedding theme or colors. Ideas include:

  • Retro black and white square tiles for a retro wedding
  • Patterned tiles that match a theme wedding
  • Wood grain tiles for a rustic or country wedding
  • Marble tiles for an elegant wedding

Another easy way to dress up the dance floor is to have wedding columns flanking the floor. Place sturdy Roman columns at the four corners of the floor and top them with a large LED candle and wreath or wedding flower arrangement.

Outdoor weddings in tents usually have supporting beams around the dance floor. Use these beams to your advantage, decorating them with tulle, streamers and garland.

Finally, consider scattering small items around the dance floor that won't get in the way. A light dusting of shimmering sparkles or confetti is perfect for creating a unique dance floor. Check with the reception location before carrying out this idea, as some places may prohibit these decorations due to the clean-up involved.

Above the Floor

dance floor ceiling decorations

Don't forget to decorate the area above the dance floor, too. This is often where some of the best and most creative decorating occurs in the dance area. Large disco balls, some equipped with LED lights or with shiny silver mirrored tiles, are perfect for placing above the dance floor.

Hang fabric swags that match other linens across the ceiling or out from the disco ball. If your budget is tight, make swags with streamers. Large garland twists also work well above the dance floor.

Finally, consider creating a wedding reception balloon drop for the end of the dance and using it as part of your decorating scheme. Blow up multiple balloons in your wedding colors and hang them above the dance floor in a clear or mesh netting. During the last dance, have someone release them onto the dance floor.

Dance Lighting Ideas

Decorating with lights is another great way to add flair to your dance floor decor. Many wedding bands and wedding DJs have lighting systems they can implement if your reception location is not equipped with one already.

Lighting options for the dance floor include:

wedding dance with lighting effects
  • Spotlights: Roving ones with colored lenses or stationary white lights with a template of the couple's initials or themed graphic are great uses for spotlights.
  • Strobes: Strobe lighting is an easy way to create a party-like mood during the reception.
  • Light Strands: Small light strands hung just above the dance floor provide just enough light without overpowering the floor.
  • Chandeliers: Bring in chandeliers and hang them above the dance floor for a luxurious feel to the reception.

Other lighting options for the dance floor include up lighting, texture effects, laser lights, projections and more. A professional lighting company can offer unique ideas to match your wedding style and budget to create wedding dance floor lighting decorations for your celebration.

Dance Floor Decorating Tips

The dance floor may not be the first place you think about decorating at the reception, but it shouldn't be neglected, either. Remember to keep large decorations off the floor itself and to have ample lighting effects to create the right atmosphere for your wedding reception dance. No matter how you decorate, as long as your wedding dance has some great music, everyone will have a great time grooving all night.

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