Wedding Transportation Ideas

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Ideas for unique and romantic wedding transportation leave traditional wedding limousines in the dust. Many couples explore a wide range of possibilities for creating a memorable entrance and exit.

Classic Yet Underused Transportation Ideas

Renting or borrowing a traditional, yet lesser used, mode of transportation is a way to be sure you are noticed when you arrive and depart your wedding. These ideas are not completely off the wall; however, they aren't as common as a classic convertible or limousine.

  • Horse-drawn carriage: The carriage is a romantic option that fits perfectly with a Cinderella themed wedding. Contact local services in larger areas, or ranches in rural areas, for local options.
  • Motorcycle or 4-wheeler: If you love to ride side-by-side, there is no better way to show up to your wedding than on the vehicle you love. Make sure you wax the motorcycle or 4-wheeler to a shine before the ceremony. Late spring, summer, and early fall are best for riding with the wind in your hair.
  • Snowmobile: In areas where a lot of snow is expected, consider riding your snowmobiles up to the wedding venue. Make sure you clear it with city or county officials first, to ensure you don't need special permission.
  • Replica vehicle: Skip the traditional Rolls-Royce limousine or convertible rental and go with something really unusual if you want a car or more traditional vehicle. Call local rental agencies and see if you can find a replica of the Batmobile, General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard, or one that looks just like James Bond's wheels. These are fun cars to rent for weddings with whimsical themes, so be sure your choice fits with your wedding style.
couple on boat
  • Boat: Weddings on the water, whether on a beach, lake, or riverfront, make arriving and departing in a boat easy. Rent a large one to make a grand entrance, or a smaller one if you want to keep things simple.

Using your own motorcycle, 4-wheeler, and snowmobile are affordable options. However, carriages, boat rentals, and replica vehicles may end up with a hefty price tag. Make sure you incorporate the additional costs into your wedding budget.

Unusual Transportation Ideas

While some of the more classic options can help brides and grooms make a memorable entrance, it may be that you're looking for something even more unique. Consider one of these wedding transportation ideas:

Active Options

Activity and exercise often draw like-minded people together. If this describes you and your honey, these ideas are perfect for your wedding transportation.

bride and groom on bicycle
  • Bicycle: A tandem bicycle is a cute, couple-themed transportation idea. Retro bikes are good for retro themed weddings, and matching his-and-hers bikes are fun. Brides should take care not to ride too far, for fear of catching their dress or train in the gears and spokes.
  • Skateboard: When "punk" is a good description of your character as a couple, consider bringing your skateboards into the wedding. In fact, you may even be able to glide down the aisle - just check with your venue first!
  • Water ski: Couples who are purposely planning a wet wedding and have water skiing skills can show up to their lake or ocean side ceremony on their water skis. If, however, you prefer to stay dry during the ceremony, simply change into bride and groom themed suits afterwards and make a splashing exit.
  • Hang glider: Extreme sportsmen and women can glide into their ceremony by jumping off a cliff or other base. This is best done in a mountainous region, with the proper training. Practice will be needed before the ceremony to ensure arrival in the vicinity of the ceremony. Keep in mind that wind conditions may change, so you may want a backup idea just in case.

More Distinctive Ideas

You are only limited by your imagination, budget, and local laws when it comes to your wedding day transportation. Additional ideas that will make yours stand out include:

  • Public transportation: Did you meet on the subway or a bus? Do you live in a tourist area with trolleys? These are all unique and urban twists on getting to and from the wedding. Bring your photographer along to capture the ride.
  • Dogsled: When you live in Canada, Alaska, or other northern area that enjoys winter snow, consider renting a dogsled for arriving and departing your wedding. This is also a great idea for a chilly destination wedding and is sure to "wow" your guests!
  • Tractor: When country meets western, hang up your boots and climb into a tractor. Whether you go for a small antique tractor or choose a brand new one, this is one way to stay true to your hometown roots.
hot air balloon couple
  • Hot air balloon: Head off into the sunset together by booking a hot air balloon for your exit. While they may not be practical for arriving at the wedding, a ride after the ceremony is a romantic way to leave. This option requires a lot of space for set-up, so be sure to consider that before you book your balloon.
  • Segway: Brides who have a long walk down the aisle may want to consider taking a ride on a Segway instead, or consider using them to travel between the ceremony and the area where pictures will be taken. This personal two-wheeled standing transportation device is a unique way to travel. If you don't have the funds to buy one, consider renting one for the day.

Make It Memorable

The vehicle you choose for your wedding transportation is one that you should be comfortable riding or driving in. Look for options that fit both your wedding style and your personalities, and you are sure to have a memorable trip down the aisle!

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