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Must-Have Wedding Stationery Checklist With Printable

Amy Hoover
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Getting the word out about your wedding means more than sending out invitations. Coordinated stationary keeps you, your guests, and the event itself running smoothly. While you may not need everything on this helpful list, you'll likely find a few things you didn't know you needed.

Free Printable Wedding Stationary Checklist

Use a helpful wedding stationary checklist to keep track of what you need and what's been purchased. If you want to add something special, there's plenty of room to edit each area. Follow an Adobe guide to download and print the wedding stationary PDF.

Stationary Needs Before the Wedding

Your stationary needs don't start with the invitation. There are a few things you'll need before sending out the big invite.

Set of wedding invitation card

Engagement Announcements and Party Invitations

Let everyone know your exciting news by sending out an official engagement announcement card. If there's a party planned, pick up some festive engagement party invitations to mail out that have a celebratory feel so everyone is excited about your announcement.

Shower Invitations and Thank Yous

Whether you're having a couples shower or a traditional bridal shower, you'll need to get the word out to friends and family. Showers sometimes have their own themes, in which case you may want to select shower invitations and thank yous that coordinate with the shower theme rather than the wedding. If the shower is being held before you select your wedding colors or theme, you'll want to look for a classic gold or silver toned generic thank you.

Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

While a group Facebook page or text is often the fastest way to communicate, the original details can get lost in the shuffle. Instead, look for invitations to send your best guys and gals to make sure the bachelor and bachelorette parties go off without a hitch.

Save the Dates

Save the dates aren't required for weddings, but they can be helpful for destination weddings or weddings near a holiday. This allows you to inform guests of the date and location early so they can make plans to attend. Wedding invitation companies usually have save the dates that coordinate with your wedding invitations.

Wedding Rehersal and Dinner Invitations

The wedding rehearsal invitation should be sent out a few weeks before the wedding. Include where the rehearsal will be held and the time. Don't forget to include the location and time for the rehearsal dinner, too.

List of Essential Wedding Stationary Needs

Regardless of your wedding style, there are a few pieces of stationary that nearly every couple will need.

Set of cards with sea elements

Invitations and Inserts

It doesn't matter if you're purchasing elegant wedding invitations, using a wedding invitation template, or making them using a kit. An invitation is essential to getting guests to the festivities. In addition to the invitation wording that includes the date, time, address, and hosts, you may also want to include inserts with the following:

  • Directions - Out of town guests will appreciate directions from the major highway to the ceremony and reception locations. At the very least, offer specific addresses they can type into their GPS system for directions.
  • Hotel information - If you have reserved a block of rooms at a discounted rate, let your guests know where and how to get ahold of them. Include a couple other places to stay as well.
  • Wedding website or social media pages - Tuck a card with your wedding website or social media page listing into the invitation so guests stay up-to-date on all the happenings.

RSVP Cards

It's hard to know how many people to make dinner for when you don't include RSVP cards. The RSVP card wording should list the person's name and number of guests attending. If there is a menu choice, be sure to list with clear spot to mark how many of each option. Don't forget the pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope so guests can send it back to you. If you want to give guests the option to email or phone RSVPs, you should include that on the card, too.

Wedding Programs

Upon arriving at the wedding ceremony location, guests should be able to find the wedding program. This lists bridal party members and other special people, family, and the order of service. Match the program cover to your wedding invitations for coordinated stationary.

Wedding Guest Book

The guest book is an essential item to have at both the ceremony and reception. Guests sign as they arrive at either event and you have a list to help you send out thank yous after the event is over. Whether you go for a traditional signed book or unique alternative like a signed photo mat, don't skip this important item.

Wedding Menu

The wedding menu lets guests know what they will be eating at the reception. Even if you're not providing an entree choice, having a menu card is helpful for guests who are curious or have dietary restrictions. The menu can be placed at individual settings, in the center of each table, or in the case of a buffet, at the front of the buffet line.

Favor Tags

Brides and grooms frequently send home small gifts with their guests that remind them of the event as a thank you for their support. A favor tag should include a line of thanks from the couple plus the date. You can coordinate with invitations or theme, too. Attached to the favors so guests know they can and should take them home.

Thank You Notes

Sending thank you notes in a timely manner is simply good wedding etiquette. Purchase matching notes when you order your invitations. A budget-friendly option is to pick up bulk thank you notes at a local discount or big box store that feature your wedding colors.

Optional Stationary Items

Depending on your wedding, there are a few items that you may find helpful to include on your stationary list.

Reception Place Cards

Planning a wedding seating arrangement means you'll need place cards to let everyone know which table number and seat is theirs. Match the seating assignment card to the table place card and the rest of the overall wedding theme.

Cocktail Drink List

Unless you're planning a full-service open bar, it's helpful to let guests know what's available. A short selection can just be listed in alphabetical order, while longer ones should be grouped into beer, liquor, wine, and specialty drink sections. This can be framed and placed at the bar or included with the menu cards at each table.

Music Request Form

Great music is a must for many couples, so let your guests get in on the fun. Place a few forms at each table (or one at each setting) so guests can request their favorite tunes from the wedding band or DJ.

Marriage and Life Advice Cards

Couples today often set up wishing wells, wishing trees, and other fun areas for guests to dole out pieces of marriage advice. Use stationary that matches the rest of the wedding so that you can add the advice to your wedding scrapbook after the reception is over.

Tips for Coordinating Your Wedding Stationary

A coordinated look from start to finish adds a little polish to every wedding. A few things can make that easier:

  • Purchase all your stationary from the same vendor. What's called "apple red" at one vendor may be closer to maroon at another.
  • Find out if discounts are offered once you've purchased a certain number of stationary items. This eases your budget and makes it easier to coordinate things.
  • Even if you don't have a particular theme or graphic used throughout the wedding, you can still look for stationary that utilizes similar fonts and colors for a coordinated look.
  • Supplement purchased stationary with free wedding printables to save money or if you decide to add an element later.
  • Always order more than what you expect to use. This way, if something goes wrong when printing or mailing, you have extras ready to go.
  • Keep general thank you cards on hand. You never know when someone will offer a helping hand or stop by with a thoughtful gift. This way, you don't delay sending one out.
Wedding invitation leaves

Complete Your Stationary Shopping

Once you know what's needed, you can complete your wedding stationary shopping without any trouble. Look for matching paper, fonts, and graphics to make sure everything looks sharp from the beginning to end.

Must-Have Wedding Stationery Checklist With Printable