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Clever Ideas for Saving Money on Wedding Invitations

Bride and Groom outside with sign reading You're Invited

If you're wondering how to save money on wedding invitations, there are many clever ideas for unexpected and creative wedding invites. Use your imagination, talents, and interests to invite guests to your wedding in the most unique way ever.

Keep Wedding Invitation Elements to a Minimum

As times change, so does wedding invitation etiquette. In today's world, almost anything goes when it comes to weddings. Couples are looking for creative ways to make their special day unique and that includes all kinds of unique wedding invitations. There are two basic elements every wedding invitation needs: the ceremony/reception information and a way to RSVP. Look for the easiest, cheapest way to do those two things and forget all those other formal wedding invitation elements like lined envelopes or multiple response cards.

Invite Guests in Person

If you look at wedding invitation history, for centuries people were invited to weddings in person or via word of mouth. Put a modern spin on these historical traditions for your own super unique and personal wedding invitations.

Go on an Invitation Tour

If you've got a small guest list or all your guests live within a 60-mile radius of you, make a fun day of inviting guests in person.

  • Write down your wedding details, then load up in the car and stop at each guests house to invite them in person.
  • They can write down the information and RSVP on the spot if possible.
  • If they need to RSVP later, tell them they must stop at your house by a certain date to RSVP. This keeps the invites personal and fun.
Happy mature mother meets son with his fiancee at doorway

Host a Wedding Invitation Party

Use text messages or social media to invite guests to a backyard barbecue or open house party at your house.

  • Ask everyone to bring a dish to pass or paper product so you don't end up spending much on the party.
  • Make an announcement once everyone has arrived to let them know they're all invited to your wedding.
  • Use a dry erase board to write down all the details and ask guests to take a picture of the sign to use as their invite.
  • When guests are ready to RSVP, they can text you the picture of the invite with their head count.

Use Holiday Events to Personally Invite Guests

If you'll be seeing family and friends at a variety of holiday events a few months or even a year before your wedding, you can invite them in person at those events. As you mingle at the holiday parties, invite people to your wedding and encourage them to jot down the details on their phones.

Cheap Ways to Send Wedding Invitations

One of the cheapest ways to send wedding invitations is virtually since you won't have to pay for paper or postage. If you make your own online wedding invitations, the entire process of making and sending them can be free.

Clever Email Wedding Invitation Ideas

Sending email wedding invitations can be formal when you use the right tools and methods.

E-mail blank template
  • Use the "Bcc", or blind carbon copy, tool when composing an email so recipients can't see all the other guests email addresses. This makes it look like it's just for the recipient.
  • Use a fun and descriptive subject line such as "Grab Your Rope to Help Brad & Jen Tie the Knot."
  • Create a professional-looking e-vite in a free program like Canva that will be the body of your email.
  • Attach a fun wedding invitation video to the email where the bride- and groom-to-be share all the wedding details.

Clever Text Message Wedding Invitation Ideas

If most of your guests don't use email for their personal lives, text messages are a similar way of sending virtual invitations.

  • If you have an iPhone you can use the handwritten note feature to write handwritten text invitations for a personal feel.
  • Write out the details of your wedding in a text message then use the screen effects feature on iPhones to add a fun effect like floating balloons to your message.
  • Replace some of the words in your text message with appropriate emojis to make it more fun.
  • Add wedding details to a photo of the two of you and send as a photo text wedding invitation.

Wedding Website Invitations

Many modern couples are using free or low cost wedding websites to replace all the stationery for their pre-wedding events and keep all aspects of the wedding organized. When you share the wedding website, that can serve as the invitation to the wedding since you're letting the recipient in on all your details. Wedding websites also have options for pre-made email or social media wedding invitations that feature RSVP options linking directly to your wedding website.

Social Media Wedding Invitations

Using your social media accounts to create and track wedding invitations is another option, especially if you use a site like Facebook.

  • Create a private group that will serve as your wedding hub, the invite to the group serves as the invitation to the wedding.
  • In the section of the private group page that holds the details of the group, start with a phrase like "You're Invited" and explain that the group is for invited guests.
  • Create regular posts like a save the date post or a feature of the wedding venue.
  • Add documents like your wedding day schedule so guests have all the info they need in one place.
  • Every couple weeks make an RSVP post where guests respond with a photo or GIF to RSVP.

Send Local Postcards

If you want the traditional feel of mailed wedding invitations without the high cost, consider sending postcards. You can usually find town or city specific postcards at travel centers, rest stops, gas stations, or local artisan shops with prices well under a dollar apiece. You might find super cheap vintage post cards at a thrift store or antiques shop you could use. Just add your wedding info to the back. Postcards are also inexpensive to send.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Taking the time to make your own wedding invitations can save you tons of money and help get you excited about the event. Work together as future spouses or enlist the help of a few family members to make the process easier and more fun. You don't need to be an artist or crafty person to make DIY wedding invitations.

Vintage wedding invitation card

Where to Shop for Cheap Wedding Invitations

While many online printers like Shutterfly offer discounted wedding invitations, especially on old designs, there are lots of other places where you mind find better deals and more unique invitation options.

  • Check with swap sites or garage sale type websites to buy leftover blank invitations from other wedding DIYers. Yours won't all match, but it fits with an eclectic theme.
  • Check out local thrift stores, swap meets, flea markets, and antique shops for great deals on vintage stationary options.
  • Shop at discount stores like Ollie's for cheap wedding invitation kits or stationery kits to make your own invitations.
  • Hit the clearance section at big craft stores like Michaels every couple weeks to see what kinds of papers and stationary items you can snag.
  • From cute computer papers to blank cards, you can find all kinds of materials to use at stores like Dollar Tree.
  • Most online invitation shops will send you free wedding invitation samples; if you request from several sites, you'll have enough to invite everyone.

Memorable Wedding Invitations

Except for a few of your closest friends and family members, most guests are going to end up throwing out their wedding invitation. Don't waste your wedding budget on something that's destined for the trash before you even say "I do." Memorable wedding invitations can be affordable when you get clever with your delivery.

Clever Ideas for Saving Money on Wedding Invitations