Scottish Wedding Favors

Scottish wedding

The perfect favors for a Scottish wedding should reflect your ancestral theme. The many symbols of your Celtic heritage are available as special wedding favors that your guests will long cherish.

Scottish Wedding Favor Ideas

Even if you cannot afford to take a trip to the Highlands for your wedding you can use a Scottish theme. Keep your Scottish traditions alive and make guests feel appreciated by giving Scottish wedding favors. These small "thank yous" do not have to be complicated or overly expensive. The wedding favors you select should reflect your own personality and tastes. Incorporate your clan's colors and tartan pattern into your favors if possible.

Celtic Love Spoons

Continue the ancient tradition of giving spoons at your wedding. Sometimes called "Love Spoons" these tiny utensils were more popular than the giving of flowers in the Victorian Era. Buy favor spoons that have an interesting design on the handle. The handle shape may have different meanings. The shape you choose for your favors could express how the bridal couple feels about one another or some emotion they wish to express to the guest. Implement these motifs into your spoon handles.

  • Open Heart: You and your spouse are open to love.
  • Grapes: Love is going to grow.
  • Dragon: The dragon is the protector of Wales; a sign of strength.
  • Horseshoe: In Scottish legend, this symbol means good luck and good fortune.
  • Key: You are the key to my future.

Tie a bit of ribbon around the handle and you will have unique wedding favors your guests will treasure.

Flower Seed Packets

In recent years, the giving of flower seed packets at weddings has risen in popularity. This "green" wedding favor idea is perfect for a Scottish wedding. Order seed packets that contain the following Scottish flowers:

  • Clustered Belleflower
  • Cornflower
  • Corn Marigold
  • Corn Poppy
  • Scottish Bluebell
  • Sea Campion
  • Primrose
  • Rock Rose
  • Maiden Pink

Print your wedding information on the outside of the packet so guests may keep them as mementoes. There are lots of professional seed packet companies that will give you the packet design and the seeds you want. Visit these websites for more information about ordering Scottish seed packets.

Scotia Seeds

Scotia Seeds sells wildflowers native to Scotland. Choose between mini-mix packs or larger seed packs. Scotia Seeds is based in Scotland so allow plenty of times for your seeds to arrive.

Wedding Packets

At Wedding Packets you will find seed packets for every occasion including your Scottish wedding. You can have a touching poem or special message printed on the outside of your packets. Also, upload a photograph of the couple in their Scottish splendor and have it printed on the packet. The company's seed selection is limited but nice.

Scottish Shortbread

The sharing of Scottish shortbread or cookies is a traditional treat enjoyed by Scottish families at special events. Purchase packs of buttery shortbreads and place them inside packages that have a plaid design. If you are craving something more authentic, consider hiring a Scottish shortbread or tablet maker. Companies like Walkers Shortbread make these tablet goodies to order and will work to meet your deadlines.

Plan Your Favors Today

If you have your heart set on Scottish wedding favors, start planning by setting your budget and getting a good estimate of guests. With this information you will be able to choose which favor is right for you and your loved one to give.

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Scottish Wedding Favors