Fudge Favors for a Country Wedding

Fudge wedding favors

Old-fashioned fudge favors are popular choices for a country wedding. Always a crowd-pleaser, this type of chocolate is perfect for any couple hosting a country wedding.

Delicious Fudge Favors

Fudge is a delicious chocolate wedding favor that is sure to delight guests at any wedding. Fudge makes an apt choice for a rustic country wedding in particular because of its down-home appeal. Familiar, indulgent, and often associated with the warmth and comfort of country cooking, fudge favors can either be a do-it-yourself favor or purchased and shipped for the wedding.

Homemade Favors

Making homemade fudge allows you to control the cost and size of the favors. It also allows you to use a family recipe that has meaning to you or your spouse. If you choose to use an heirloom recipe, be sure to include the recipe on a card attached to the favors so all your guests can recreate the fudge at home.

However, even if you don't have a favorite recipe, you can still find plenty of delicious ones to try. Make sample batches before you decide on the final recipe. Get started with these recipes:

  • Chocolate fudge
  • Maple fudge
  • Peanut fudge

Keep in mind you're not limited to traditional flavors. Consider making pumpkin fudge in the fall, white chocolate peppermint fudge in the winter or lemon fudge in the spring or summer.

Bronze Budget Bride offers instructions on how to make DIY mini fudge wedding cakes. If you want to make your fudge favors stand out, this is a cute and fun way to do it.

Buy Fudge Online

Of course, not all couples or their relatives have the time or inclination to make fudge themselves. If this applies to you, there are companies that offer high quality fudge choices that ship around the country.

  • Mackinac Fudge Shop offers 3 oz. sized fudge favors boxed and tied with a ribbon of your choice. Choose from nine traditional flavors, like old-fashioned vanilla and chocolate pecan.
  • Ryba's Fudge Shop sells fudge favor boxes that are white and come with their signature pink sticker. The box is 2-inches by 2-inches, and you can choose a variety of flavors.
  • The Mill Fudge Factory has a catalog of artisan fudge favors available for shipping across the nation. Your favorite choice is sure to be amongst the 25 different flavors and the different box and ribbon options. Two ounce portions are included in the prepackaged selections.

Wrapping Country Fudge Favors

The best way to create country favors with your fudge is through the wrapping. Clear plastic wrap with a ribbon is often the simplest way to package favors, but you can create a more rustic feel by using special packaging and embellishments.

Packaging Fudge

Package the fudge using small brown paper bags or cut pieces of brown parchment paper. Stack two to four pieces together with wax paper between them. Place inside a bag or in the center of a parchment paper square and wrap.

Small mason jars also make great fudge packages. Put an assortment of fudge pieces inside the jar. The pieces can be oddly shaped and coarsely cut. Tightly close the jar and cover with a piece of plaid fabric and hold in place with twine.

chocolate fudge with country flowers

Tie gingham, plaid or checked fabric piece around the package. Don't worry if the fabric isn't cut perfectly straight or begins to fray - this is part of the rustic charm. Otherwise, consider using raffia or grosgrain ribbon to tie around the package.

Attach a small country wedding favor charm to the tied package. These scrapbooking embellishments can be found in craft stores. Look for cowboy boots, horseshoes, barns, animals or tractors. A small faux flower bloom, such as a Gerber daisy or sunflower, is another great way to embellish the fudge favor package.

Keep Fudge Favors Cool

Fudge may not keep as well in hot and humid weather. If you have a rustic outdoor wedding reception in the summer, you will want to store the fudge in a cool, dry place before handing to guests. Don't put favors out when decorating the reception in the morning. Cover coolers with country themed fabrics and place near the guest book table. After the speeches are given and before inviting guests to dance, let them know they should help themselves to the fudge favors in the coolers.

Rustic Fudge Favors

Thank guests for attending your country wedding with a charming piece of fudge. This traditional treat is a tasty way for guests to remember your nuptials.

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