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Bling bling favors are the ultimate mix of elegance and flash for a stylish wedding favor. Bling favors are the final chic detail you need to complete your wedding ambience to thrill your guests.

What Is Bling?

Bling is a term used to describe excessive or showy jewelry, according to Urban Dictionary (UD) notes that it is frequently used by those in the hip-hop culture to describe accessories and jewelry that are flashy, shiny and often gaudy. UD also notes that the term is also used because some believe it reflects the sound of a "sparkle" on a diamond or that of jewelry clinking together.

Weddings, especially ones with luxurious touches and lots of sparkle, often bring up images of bling in people's minds. From engagement rings to bridal tiaras and topiaries with hanging rhinestones, a wedding can have plenty of bling. Brides and grooms who want to plan a wedding with lots of bling can also incorporate that look into their wedding favors.

Select Bling Bling Wedding Favors

A wedding favor that could qualify as a bling bling favor is one that looks expensive (even if it isn't) and has lots of flash.

Bling Bling Favor Ideas

Gold and silver wedding favors are excellent choices for wedding favors at a bling'd out wedding. Virtually any themed wedding favor can be purchased in a style with some bling, usually featuring some glitter, faux rhinestones or gemstones, or sequins. Look online at wedding favor supply retailers or at craft stores for some favors that have a little flash.

It is easy to turn a regular wedding favor into one with bling. Consider these simple ideas for creating some bling bling favors:

  • Glue a row of clear rhinestones or faux diamonds around the top and bottom of a bud vase or candle holder wedding favor.
  • Add colored gemstones to the outside of a plain wooden picture frame or mirror in your wedding colors.
  • Affix a large faux engagement ring to key rings and create a keychain with bling for a favor.
  • Dip a bookmarker wedding favor in glue and then pour glitter over the top.

Bling Bling Packaging

Instead of making the favor itself bling, add some flash to the packaging instead. This way, you can still have the favor of your choice and add a little bling without altering you original idea. Ways to add bling to packaging include:

  • Tying wedding favor boxes with metallic ribbon or wrapping them in foil
  • Choosing jewel-toned favor bags and tying with thin gold or silver cords
  • Buying small faux rhinestone tattoos with a butterfly, flourish or other themed motif and placing them on your favor packaging

A fun way to add glitz to your packaging is to create a bling monogram on the wedding favor tag. Use white school glue to trace over a fancy font of your initials. Scatter glitter over the monogram, shake off excess and allow it to dry. Add miniature rhinestones to the points where each letter stroke ends for a simple splashy tag that is perfect for any wedding.

Too Much Bling

It is important to keep in mind that some bling bling wedding favors can look gaudy. To keep this from happening, choose favors that have touches of bling. Avoid favors like large dollar sign pendants or money clips covered in rhinestones. This cheapens a wedding that is otherwise glitzy and glamorous, and guests are not likely to use or appreciate these favors, making them go to waste.

Bling will be reflected in other areas of the wedding, such as the ceremony and reception décor. It is not necessary to use over-the-top bling in the wedding reception favors. Instead, carry the theme into the favors by choosing ones that have a little bling that fit into your wedding style.

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