Winter Wedding Decorations

Winter Church Decorations

Winter decorations for a wedding can be beautiful and stunning. Couples can choose from lush fresh greenery, poinsettias, colorful bows, and holiday decorations.

Greenery draped along the sides of pews, backs of chairs, pillars, railings, and other areas for a burst of color when there is none outside. Pine boughs, holly, and mistletoe are popular options for winter greenery.

Sparkling Centerpieces

A bowl of Christmas baubles in coordinating colors is an easy and beautiful centerpiece for winter or holiday weddings. Greenery under the bowl helps complete the look, and the colors of the ornaments can be chosen to match any wedding palette or winter theme.

Colored Linens

Winter is a plain season of pale colors, but couples can have a colorful wedding when they opt for colored linens such as tablecloths, napkins, and table runners. Ice blue is a popular light color for winter weddings, and jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire, and ruby are equally popular. Gold and silver are common winter accent colors.

Winter Arches

A bridal arch can be a fantastic and easy decoration for a wedding in any season. For winter weddings, ribbons, greenery, and simple flowers are best and can frame a lantern or floral bundle at the top of the arch. The arch can then be positioned leading into the church or reception hall to welcome guests to the event.

Winter Flowers

Flowers are a big part of wedding decorations even in winter, and roses are always suitable. Red and white flowers bound with thin gold cord are perfect for the season and have a celebratory touch of glitter. Budget-conscious couples will recycle flowers between their ceremony and reception by choosing bouquets and flower arrangements that can be moved and used in different locations.

Doorway Decorations

Decorated doorways are welcoming and give an extra special touch to a wedding ceremony or reception site. Green wreaths with bold red bows are popular choices near the holidays, and the bow color can be changed to match any couple's wedding colors. Icicle garlands and pine swags are other popular choices to decorate doorways for winter weddings.

Pine Accents

Pine boughs and evergreen cuttings can be added to many simple centerpieces to give them a seasonal winter touch. Adding greenery to the base of a bundle of classic red roses combines two popular Christmas colors with a wintery yet romantic touch perfect for a winter wedding.

Seasonal Sweets

The wedding cake, cupcakes, or dessert buffet can be just as decorative as it is delicious. Choosing treats with seasonal colors and decorative wrappers makes them a beautiful addition to winter wedding decorations. Snowflakes are one popular motif, while others include winter flowers, whimsical snowmen, icicles, holly, and more.

Wedding Candles

Candles are ones of the most popular wedding decorations, and richly colored candles decorated with glitter are perfect for a winter wedding because they have a frosted, icy look but still have the romantic, warming glow desired for weddings. Several candles can be grouped together on a coordinating tray for a centerpiece, or smaller candles can be spread around tables in winter-themed votive holders.


While heavily associated with Christmas, poinsettias are perfect winter flowers for any cold weather wedding. Rich red poinsettias are the most popular, but there are many colors to choose from including pink, white, and yellow, and faux poinsettias can be found in even more unique shades including blue, purple, and magenta.

Starlit Wedding

Winter nights are long, and couples can take advantage of romantic starlight by choosing hanging star-shaped lanterns and star chandeliers to add romantic lighting to their wedding. Multiple stars can be hung from the ceiling or rafters of a reception venue to give the area a warm, loving glow.


Mistletoe is a whimsical decoration for winter weddings. It can be hung in a kissing ball in an arch at the reception entry, or hung above where the bride and groom will exchange their vows and their first kiss. Mistletoe can also be added to centerpieces and other floral arrangements for a festive accent.

Frozen Flowers

A unique and creative option for decorating winter weddings is to use ice liberally. Flowers can be frozen into solid ice serving bowls, or real or faux blooms can be coated with crystals or glitter for a frosted effect. Some couples even choose ice sculptures of hearts, swans, doves, or other romantic symbols.


Lantern luminaries are a warm and beautiful way to welcome guests to a winter wedding. Simple lanterns can rest in the snow along the path to the entrance, or they can be hung from garden hooks, trees, or archways for romantic lighting.

Enjoy the Day

No matter what winter wedding decorations a couple chooses, the warmth of their love should be the focal point of their wedding, no matter what the temperature is on their wedding day. From creative lighting to seasonal greenery to holiday accents, there are many beautiful decorations that can adorn a winter wedding day.

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Winter Wedding Decorations