Disney Wedding Decorations

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Decorate with inspiration from Disney.

Plan some festive Disney decorations to capture the essence of wonderment for your wedding. You can recreate that special magical atmosphere and authentic Disney feeling regardless the wedding venue.

A Disney-Themed Wedding

A Disney-themed wedding is appropriate for any season and anyone who loves the company, parks, movies or characters. It is especially fitting for couples who have wonderful vacation memories at the Disney parks, especially if their marriage proposal occurred while visiting the parks or while watching a Disney movie.

Weddings that have a Disney theme can be as whimsical or as elegant as desired, and it is the decorations that play a large part in creating that atmosphere. From a general Disney theme to one that highlights a particular character, the decorations are where the magic is found.

Ideas for Disney Wedding Decorations

Disney is a vast empire, consisting of theme parks throughout the world and countless movies and characters to its name. Therefore, the style and decoration of a Disney wedding truly depends on which aspects you as a couple choose to incorporate into your dream Disney wedding.

Disney Movie Decorations

Cinderella theme weddings are a popular wedding choice for many couples. Decorations that reflect the Disney version might include small pumpkins or gourds, glass centerpieces and unique wedding bouquets with mini magic wands.

Cinderella isn't the only famous Disney movie that lends itself to creating a stunning wedding. Create a luxurious wedding decorating scheme based on the popular movie Aladdin. Incorporate rich curtains, table linens and floor coverings that reflect the Arabian desert where the movie takes place. Look for small genie-style lamps to use as part of a centerpiece and rent a fog machine for smoking up the dance floor. If you have a large budget, consider hiring belly dancers as part of the entertainment, which adds to the overall ambiance of the decorations and theme.

The Lion King is yet another Disney animated feature that makes a perfect decorating theme. Turn the wedding and reception into a safari experience, using decorations like:

  • Zebra, giraffe and leopard print fabrics on tables, walls and floors
  • Exotic blooms for bridal bouquets and flower arrangements
  • Wedding color schemes like olive green and brown or mocha and orange

Virtually any classic Disney film can be turned into a stunning decorating scheme with a little ingenuity and imagination. Use overt symbols, like the umbrella from Mary Poppins hanging from the ceiling above tables, or add small touches in the lighting and linens for a less obtrusive decorating scheme.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is synonymous with Disney. His round circular face and ears are recognizable world-wide, as is the face, ears and bow of his long-time love, Minnie. Use Mickey and Minne wedding decorations in the following ways to decorate your wedding:

  • Hang pew bows during the ceremony that have the Mickey ears imprinted on them
  • Place large black pillar candles in the shape of Mickey's face on tables as a centerpiece, tying them together with bright red ribbon
  • Have the florist cut topiaries for the wedding into the shape of Mickey ears and use them to flank the ceremony entrance and head table at the reception

The classic black and white Mickey short films can be used as inspiration for a stunning black and white wedding decorating scheme at a Disney wedding. Incorporate classic Mickey figurines on your Disney wedding cake and as part of the centerpieces, using elegant or retro black and white decorations elsewhere. This is an excellent way to create a sophisticated feel using Disney wedding decoration ideas.

Disney Ride Decorations

Anyone who visits the Disney parks usually has a favorite ride or experience that holds a special place in their heart. Decorate a Disney Halloween wedding using the famous Haunted Mansion ride or Pirates of the Caribbean ride as inspiration. Create a multicultural wedding decorating experience by using It's a Small World as your decorating muse.

General Disney Decorations

Not every Disney wedding needs to be themed around Mickey Mouse or a particular movie. These elements can all be added into any Disney themed decorating scheme or can stand on their own as a way to create a subtle Disney decorating effect.

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  • Lighting: Use lighting to recreate stunning visual effects at your reception similar to those that light up the castles in the parks. Beautiful pastel lavender, pink, and blue create a Disney-like mood in the reception hall. Spotlights on the dance floor can be fitted with the Mickey ear symbol or another special Disney icon.
  • Castles: The castles at the Disney parks are a great way to incorporate a fairytale princess Disney theme into your wedding. Choose a castle wedding cake, have sandcastle centerpieces or even decorate the entrance to the ceremony and/or reception to look like one of the actual park castles themselves.
  • Fonts: The font used by Disney is difficult to duplicate, but similar ones are available. Use it for a Disney wedding that also includes lots of monogrammed decorations, such as invitations, cake toppers, embroidered aisle runners and wedding favor tags.

Create a magical wedding experience for yourselves and your guests by using Disney wedding decorations throughout the festivities. The Disney magic is sure to capture everyone's hearts by the end of the evening.

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