Church Pew Wedding Decorations

flower pew decorations

Church pew decorations usually match the wedding color scheme and repeat the overall theme. A few creative ideas can inspire unique designs that portray the bridal couple's personal style.

Church Pew Wedding Decoration Ideas

The ends of pews are most typically decorated with some sort of contemporary bow or traditional floral arrangement with a modern twist.


Long gone are the large and shiny satin bows once fixed to the end of pews at weddings. While wedding bows are still a popular option, they take on many forms beyond the large looped option. Bows can be made from virtually any material, from rich velvet to hand-tied raffia. Many modern bows feature long ribbon strands than hang down to the bottom of the pew.


Flowers are a traditional option for decorating a pew. The design and blooms used are similar to those used in the wedding altar flowers. However, they do not have to be simple bouquets tied onto the end of the pew. Instead, try one of these modern takes on floral pew decorations:

  • Flower balls hung with ribbons
  • Wreaths with greenery fitting the season
  • Holders that include baskets, buckets or cones
  • Panels that are cut to fit the shape of the pew and covered completely with flower heads

If you cannot decide between a pew bow or a flower bouquet, consider combining the two options into one. Use a traditional bow and take out the center loops, attaching a small bloom or two in the center. Hang a small wreath to the bottom of a long ribbon bow. You could even make a traditional blow and cover it with miniature faux flowers so it looks like the entire thing was woven of blooms.

Alternatives to Traditional Pew Décor

If you want to create a unique pew decoration for your wedding, go beyond flowers and bows. Keep the season and your wedding theme in mind when choosing pew decorations. Creative alternatives to traditional pew décor include:

  • Straw hats, perfect for country weddings in the spring or summer
  • Mittens hung with icicle ornaments, a seasonal option for a winter or Christmas wedding
  • Faux fruit for a summer or fall wedding
  • Embroidered hanging plaques for a vintage wedding
  • Photo frames tied with ribbon and featuring the couple's engagement photo in black and white, a great modern option for a black and white wedding
  • Plastic wedding bells, a budget-friendly choice that can be picked up at party supply stores
  • Feathers, from ostrich plumes to peacock feathers in a modern or lavish wedding
  • Ornaments nestled in tulle, from stars to birds to whatever fits your wedding theme

Almost anything can be turned into a pew decoration if you have a small option that doesn't break easily. In fact, you could even spray paint plastic wine glasses and hang them upside down from a church pew with a ribbon for a vineyard themed wedding.

Pew Decoration Restrictions

ribbon with wreaths

Depending on your religious background and the church rules, you may be restricted in what can be placed in the church sanctuary for decoration on the pews. For example, some churches may only allow decorations that include religious icons, like hanging crosses with flowers from the sides of pews. Others may have a set of pre-approved pew bows and faux flower decorations from which you can choose amongst. In any case, it is always best to get your design approved before you order your pew decorations.

Besides the actual design, restrictions may also be placed on how you can affix the decoration to the pew itself. Look for plastic clips or attach a small ribbon for hanging the decoration. Do not use staples or adhesive, as it may cause damage to the pews.

Decorating Details for Pews

The pew decorations are a finishing detail that adds just enough embellishment to create a festive atmosphere for your wedding. Combine the pew decorations with altar flowers and other church decorating tips and you'll have all the decorating details taken care of for your ceremony.

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