Don't Say This to Your Bridesmaids!

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Don't ever say this or anything similar to your bridesmaids. It doesn't matter how tempting it might be, refrain from uttering any of these phrases if you wish your bridesmaids to show up for your wedding.

1. It's MY Day!

Guess what? There is no way your bridemaids are ever going to have the chance to forget for just a SECOND that it's the bride's day. So please don't insult their intelligence by suggesting that they are capable of forgetting.

2. Let's All Lose Weight Before The Wedding!

So you want to lose a bit of weight before your wedding. No problem with that. However, insisting that your bridesmaids join you on a bridal diet bootcamp is totally unacceptable, and totally offensive! Let a bridesmaid decide for herself whether she wants to lose a few before the big day, okay?

3. Do You Mind Paying For That?

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So you've lined up their bridesmaid dresses, facials, hairdresser, nails, makeup artist, and Jimmy Choos. And then you ask them to fork out the cashola to cover it? Unless you want to deplete their cash reserves and leave them a financial wreck once the big day is over, don't ask them to pay for endless amounts of expensive stuff they will never benefit from again. Try limiting it the customary items, like the dress and accessories, and making the rest optional.

4. Just Try to Squeeze Into It...

Have you ever tried squeezing a 34FF cup into a babydoll dress? Not only is your bridesmaid going to look totally ridiculous bursting out of something that looks like it was made for her thirteen-year-old sister, she is also going to be totally mortified and hate you forever. Just think, you wouldn't want someone squeezing you into a bodysock if you were the more curvaceous type, would you?

5. Can You Block Out The Next Five Saturdays?

Now hear this - your bridesmaids are your BRIDESMAIDS, not your slaves. Just because they have accepted the honor to support a bride on her special day doesn't mean the bride can then steal every second of their time on mindless, pre-wedding crafting duties that, quite frankly, they didn't sign up for. A great rule of thumb? Do unto your bridesmaids as you would have done unto you, should any of them ask you to be in their wedding parties.

6. Why Isn't She Pulling Her Weight?

The typical bridezilla watches her bridesmaids like a hawk, making sure they fulfill all their bridesmaid duties. If one slips a little, BOOM! Bridezilla is down on her like a ton of bricks, bad mouthing her to all her other bridesmaids. For the record, they'll secretly side with the other bridesmaids, so if you want to avoid a Bridezilla reputation (which will last long after the wedding), it's best to keep judgements to yourself.

7. Don't Look Better Than Me....

Oooooh that green-eyed monster never makes a pretty bride. Your bridesmaids look the way they do, and you should be happy that they will all be feeling good about themselves, not secretly hoping that they will look like a trash bag so you can reign over them in supreme beauty.

8. I'm Thinking Thailand For my Bachelorette...

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What's crazier than Vegas for a bachelorette? Announcing a financially crushing, totally over-the-top bachelorette in Thailand, or the Bahamas, or anywhere ridiculous for that matter. The show has barely begun and already your hell bent on leading your bridesmaids down the path of financial ruin. Just remember, it's not the honeymoon!

9. Sorry, no +1

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What the ????! We know your wedding guest list is under fire, but what kind of a thanks to your bridesmaids is telling them they can't bring a plus one?! They may not have been dating their guy for more than five minutes, but seriously? Letting them bring a hot date is the very least you can do in return for having to deal with so many wedding demands.

10. Could You Tan And Wax Before The Wedding?

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What are you saying? That you think your bridesmaids are too pasty and hairy for the big day? Before you go pushing your aesthetic demands all over your bridesmaids, just think how insulted you would be if someone told you that you need cleaning up for the big day. We're guessing your bridesmaids already have plans to look their best.

Now that we've got that out of the way, we can all get on with enjoying the wedding!

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Don't Say This to Your Bridesmaids!