How to Decorate a Wedding Tiara

Wedding tiara

You want to decorate a wedding tiara, but first you must learn how to create the look you want. A few helpful steps guide you in decorating your tiara so it goes perfectly with your wedding dress style.

Wedding Tiaras

For centuries, rulers have worn crowns to establish their special role in society. In ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome, the bridal couple donned crowns to demonstrate their desire for marital blessings by their gods. In medieval England, the wearing of tiaras at weddings gave an added air of elegance and formality to the occasion.

The word "tiara" is an ancient Persian word. The ancient Persian crown was conical-shaped, encrusted with jewels and it covered the entire crown of the head. Today's modern tiara is mostly in the half-crown style that only covers the front of the head. Some brides choose to wear a tiara alone or with their wedding veil. Families may hand down expensive bridal tiaras from one generation to the next.

A less expensive option is to buy a basic tiara and decorate it yourself. Personalize your wedding tiara with glitzy embellishments or classic pearls.

Decorating a Wedding Tiara

Jazz up your wedding tiara and add details to customize it to match the rest of your wedding decorations. For example, if your wedding colors are pink, you might add a few pink ice stones to your tiara to coordinate with your wedding theme. Follow these steps for an attractive wedding tiara:

  1. Check the tiara's fit before purchasing or customizing it. It is important to find a headpiece that fits your head comfortably. The last thing you want to do when saying "I do" is hold your tiara in place.
  2. Pick a study tiara with a metal or wire base. Plastic tiaras break easily and are difficult to bend and shape.
  3. Select attractive shiny stones to use for tiara decorations. You could choose pearls, faux birthstones or crystals. For a uniform look, choose stones of the same size. Mix it up by selecting a variety of sizes.
  4. Rub the tiara with a piece of fine sandpaper. Only rub the areas where you will place your decorations.
  5. Starting in the center of the tiara, dab the empty sanded spot with hot glue. Position a decorative stone over the spot, pressing down slightly to create a sticky bond.
  6. Continue to add stones to the tiara until you have the design you desire.
  7. Allow the stones to dry for several hours then remove excess glue strings.
    Rhinestone Tiaras and Bridal Heapieces

More Tiara Embellishments

Try a few more dressy touches to make your tiara special:

  • Add fur or feathers to the base of the tiara.
  • Cut silk ribbons in different lengths and glue them to the ends of the tiara.
  • Place your glitzy monogram in the center of your tiara. Glue it into place.
  • Add a few Swarovski crystals to your tiara for the ultimate in shine.

Storing Your Tiara

Once you have finished working on your bridal tiara you will need to store it. Store it in a closet or drawer until you are ready to wear it. A sturdy, padded shoebox or hatbox makes a good home for a wedding crown. Fill the box with plenty of tissue paper or a soft towel for padding.

Decorating Parties

For fun, buy your bridesmaids and flower girls tiaras to wear at the reception and/or the wedding. Spend an afternoon together learning how to decorate a wedding tiara. Work together on a common design and make memories you will treasure forever. When your wedding is complete, store your wedding tiara to pass on to a friend or a loved one. Your bridal party will treasure their wedding keepsake for years to come.

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