Wedding Veil Styles

Wide Lace-Trimmed Veil

The wedding veil should complement gown styles. A veil guide can help you choose from a simple fingertip veil, cathedral veil, or even one adorned with bling.

Lace is a traditional fabric for brides, and this short veil with wide lace trim will accent a lace gown without overwhelming the bride. Wear it to a traditional church ceremony with a simple headband or clip to keep it in place; the short length is also good for an outdoor ceremony where wind may be an issue. It works best with simple hairstyles so the lace doesn't get lost.

Geometric Pattern

While many veils have a ribbon or lace trim, some have a pattern throughout. This geometric veil is perfect for a modern, contemporary bride and it is appropriate for most ceremonies. Sleek, up and down hairdos won't overwhelm the design and are good choices for brides who want to don a patterned veil.

Classic Layered Veil

Traditional brides often choose a veil with at least two layers. This way, they have the option to draw one layer over the face if desired. The simple ribbon edging and fingertip length make it a classic choice for virtually any bride and any hairstyle.

Veiled Face

In some religious ceremonies, a bride is required to wear a veil over her face before being presented to her husband or until the marriage is announced at the end of the ceremony. A simple veil is best in this case as it will allow guests and the groom to see her beautiful face. Brides should be sure to touch up their makeup before walking down the aisle so their features shine through the fabric.

Cathedral Veil

Extremely long veils are often referred to as cathedral-length, as they can be shown off walking down the long aisle of a church. These veils are best worn indoors and removed for the reception. Classic curls with hair half up or all down look lovely with this veil style. The lace edging and single layer are reminiscent of a mantilla veil, a style with Spanish origins.

Puffy Wedding Veil

Create a halo around your face by choosing a short and puffy wedding veil. This style works well for virtually any ceremony although it is a somewhat trendy choice. Almost any hairdo will look good with this style of veil as long as it is styled impeccably since everyone's eyes will be drawn to the bride's face.

Hat Veil

A hat with an attached veil is a kicky option for brides who want a steampunk, country, or historic wedding. They look great with curled hair and are also an alternative to longer veils for outdoor ceremonies. Be sure to choose a hat that matches the rest of the bridal style and wedding theme.

Veil With Updo

A veil does not need to be affixed to the very top of a bride's head. Brides who choose an updo that is centered on the back of the head may want the veil to flow straight down, like this bride with her classic bun. It is a good choice for any wedding style. This is a pretty option for women who want the veil look without the hassle of trying to remove it from an elaborate hairstyle at the top of the head.

Veil Pinned Under Hair

Brides who choose elaborate updos often want to show them off. Large curly styles, braided styles, and brides with bangs who have styles in the back may want to pin the veil below their updo to show off their hair. Attaching the veil below the updo is a fairly recent trend, so keep that in mind if you're focusing on a traditional theme for your wedding.

Chic Design

A short, modern veil design with a floral pom accent on the back is a great option for brides who have a trendy style or who are looking to add a little spunk to their attire. It's a great option for an outdoor wedding, especially at a contemporary garden. Wear it with a chic short or tea-length dress.

Rhinestone Tiara and Veil

A simple veil can be attached with combs, clips, headbands, or, in this case, a delicate rhinestone tiara. The tiara and simple veil are fit for a ball gown dress at a princess, fairytale, castle, or luxurious wedding. Hairstyles that work well with this veil and tiara are those with sleek fronts so the design doesn't get covered.

Ornament and Veil

A large ornament - whether a broach, pin, flower, or other bauble - is a great addition to this simple mesh face veil. It adds a little luxury without taking away from the bride's beautiful features. This option is good for a bride who wants a simple updo or a flapper-inspired wedding. Wear it outside or inside in a historic hotel or theater for maximum impact.

Veils With Bling

Veils don't have to be all ribbons and lace. Look for one with some added bling, whether it comes in the form of a sparkly material or rhinestone additions to the veil itself. The randomly placed rhinestones on this veil add just enough luster to create a pretty effect without taking away from the bride's features. Wear it with a dress that includes rhinestones and sequins.

Veil With Roses

Roses are a traditional wedding flower. Incorporate them into your veil style by choosing a clip or headband with them attached. They will add height to down-styled hair and are a traditional choice, perfect for a garden or church wedding.

Natural Rose Wreath

Brides having an outdoor spring, summer, or early fall wedding with a peasant or hippy feel to them should consider adding a rose wreath to their veil. The veil keeps the traditional wedding accent while the wreath adds the themed element to create a unique look for the big day. Style hair in long, loose waves to match the natural feel of the design. The lack of edging on the veil keeps with the natural aspect of this look.

Waterfall Veil

The classic waterfall wedding veil is a quintessential bridal style. This pouf of tulle is pinned close to the crown of the head, and cascades loosely down the back and on the sides for a stunning frame for the bride's face. It's suitable for just about any wedding theme or location.

Indian Veil

Brides who are wearing traditional Indian attire often wear veils made from heavily adorned, brightly colored satin to coordinate with their other wedding attire. Look for a veil that complements your skin tone and the vibrant colors of your dress.

Short Feathered Tulle Veil

A small section of tulle attached to an elaborate feathered headpiece can be a fantastic look for a vintage bride, or for a modern bride who prefers edgier adornments. Feathers look ethereal when added to a veil with a big, curly style or add a touch of whimsy to a veil when paired with a sleek style. Veils with feathers are especially appropriate for an outdoor or garden wedding.


A mantilla is a long, elaborate, single layer veil worn draped over the bride's head. This design has a Spanish origin, and some mantillas are so long that they are draped over the bride like a ghost costume. Other designs are shorter and may be pinned at the crown to help keep the veil in place if it will not be worn over the bride's face.

Embroidered Veil

While simple cut veils are the least elaborate and most economical option, a veil with embroidery can add beauty around the face. Pair the embroidered veil with a sleek hairstyle and gown with minimal embellishments on the bodice. This way, the embroidery stands out. An embroidered veil looks lovely at a formal wedding ora ceremony in the garden.

Fishnet Veil

A bohemian or retro bride may choose a short fishnet veil for its uniqueness and nostalgia. These veils have a much wider mesh than most wedding veils, but they work very well with a vintage wedding gown or retro wedding theme. They are also a great choice for beach brides since the wider mesh will be more stable in ocean breezes.

Colored Veil

Brides who wear colored wedding dresses may choose to have their veils dyed to match the gown, or a bride may choose to wear a richly colored veil to contrast with her white wedding dress. This can be a great way to add some fun color that will coordinate with the bridal party dresses. Brides can also use a black veil to add a gothic or Halloween touch to their attire.

Ribbon Edge Veil

Ribbon and rolled edges are popular wedding veil designs because the edging will keep the veil from getting snagged or unraveling at the bottom, yet it is still unobtrusive and will not distract from the wedding dress. These popular veil accents are suitable for all lengths and wedding styles.

Cathedral Length Veil

A beautiful, floor-length or cathedral veil is a stunning accent to a beautiful gown and pretty updo. The simplicity of the veil allows the dress to shine while the length makes an elegant statement. Wear this veil to a traditional wedding in a church or ballroom.

The wedding veil a bride wears should complement her overall wedding style, gown, and wedding hairstyle. Try on several veils with your gown before making your final decision.

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Wedding Veil Styles