Vow Renewal Dress

beige wedding dress
A beige dress is perfect for a renewal ceremony.

Find the perfect dress to wear for your vow renewal ceremony. Some women wear their original wedding gown while others want a different look. With a few tips choosing the right dress is easy.

Vow Renewal Dress Options

When it comes to picking out a renewal dress, many women think they must wear suits or very modest wedding dresses. However, there are several dress options for women who are looking for the perfect dress to wear for their commitment renewal.

Original Dress Style

Depending on how long ago your nuptials took place, it may be possible to wear your original wedding dress. If you had the wedding dress preserved, it should be in good enough condition to wear again. However, if you no longer like your original dress style or feel it is out of date, or simply don't fit into it anymore, you can still mimic the style in your renewal dress. For example, if your original dress had lace and a sweetheart neckline, look for a new dress that has the same neckline and perhaps a lace belt or sleeves.

simple sheath dress

Simple Style Dress

Many brides choose to wear a simple wedding dress during their vow renewals. A simple dress may still look like a wedding dress, but be very basic. Usually, simple dresses do not have lots of sequins, layers of tulle or a long train. A dressy suit or pantsuit is also appropriate for a vow renewal outfit. Some brides might also choose to wear a bridal party dress for their renewal, which is an elegant but understated option.

Elaborate Dress Styles

Although some may balk at the idea of an elaborate dress for a vow renewal ceremony, there are a couple circumstances in which it may be appropriate. Couples who married quickly due to extenuating circumstances, such as military deployment, may wish to celebrate with a larger renewal and reception on their first or second anniversary (whenever the deployed spouse returns). In this case, it is understandable that the bride may want to wear a more elaborate dress.

Another extenuating circumstance may be that the couple wishes to marry quickly before someone in their family passes away, in order to include them in the service. They may marry in a hospital chapel so that the ailing family member can attend. Later, the couple may choose to host a larger celebration with a vow renewal, so that all of their family and friends can attend.

Tips for Renewal Dresses

dressy suit

Vow renewals are a wonderful time to create new and happy memories for a couple that is strengthening their bond. The vow renewal dress is likely to be photographed several times, so it is an important aspect of the festivities for women who want to look their best. Follow these tips in order to choose the right dress for your renewal ceremony:

  • Choose a seasonally-appropriate dress. If you married in the fall but are renewing your vows in the summer while your grandparents are in town, for example, make sure your dress is lightweight and breathable.
  • Show off your personality with a different colored wedding dress. No longer taboo, colored gowns are becoming trendy, so consider adding a bright sash to your renewal dress.
  • Women planning a vow renewal on vacation should consider looking for a destination wedding dress that is appropriate for traveling and their final renewal location.
  • Most brides renewing their vows wear understated accessories and skip the veil. However, if you have an heirloom necklace or earrings, feel free to wear those during your renewal.

Finally, remember that your vow renewal dress is for your vow renewals, not anyone else's. Therefore, you can't go wrong when you choose a dress that is flattering to your body and that you feel great wearing. As long as you are happy, the rest are just details during your renewal.

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Vow Renewal Dress