Tropical Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Tropical Reception Decor

Browsing through a variety of tropical wedding centerpiece ideas will open your imagination to the many ways to create unique focal points that set a lush tropical mood.

Blend traditional wedding roses with tropical looking orchids or irises for an interesting decoration. Place them in shallow glass dishes or just cover foam blocks completely for a purely floral look.

Container Groupings

Place an odd number of containers in the center of a table and fill them with tropical greenery, unusual flowers and exotic candies. In this arrangement, the tropical table arrangement is surrounded by buckets of salt water taffy.

Another idea for a grouping display is to use pillar candles of varying heights. Cover the bases of the pillars with hibiscus, azalea and oleander flowers.

Tall Florals

Tall and elegant, lovely heliconia blossoms make unique reception arrangements. Flowers like the bird of paradise or miniature palms also like nice as tabletop focal points. Wrap the centerpiece containers with sumptuous fabric or textured paper to match the wedding scheme. Bright red flowers against medium or dark green foliage makes the centerpiece pop.

Tropical Flora

The tropical islands and rainforest areas are known for their abundance of unusual fruits and flowers. For this centerpiece, mix a variety of tropical fruits with fragrant, showy flowers. An arrangement could be a simple bowl of small fruits and blossoms or an elaborate urn loaded with rare produce and fauna.

Tropical Goodies

Not every couple wants tons of flowers at their wedding reception, especially if difficult logistics are involved. In cases where the budget is tight or you have guests with allergies, substitute local tropical goodies for floral arrangements. Artfully display a pineapple, sea shells and fragrance-free candles to make a stunning decoration.

Fish or Light Arrangments

Live fish like hearty betas make gorgeous displays with natural movement. A medium-sized rounded fish bowl makes a nice setting for this exotic table topper. After the ceremony, send the fish arrangements home with relatives and friends who would care for them.

Float a tropical-inspired candle on the top of the bowl for romantic lighting options. Alternatively, you could place a battery operated tea light in the bottom of the bowl. Choose a dark green or bold fuchsia light for added drama.

Water Displays

Some long-stemmed tropical flowers hold up well in water filled centerpieces. Arrange several slender floral wands in a cylindrical glass vase. Use sand in the bottom to weight the vase and make it look more exotic. Summer or beach centerpieces may also be good options for your decor.

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Tropical Wedding Centerpiece Ideas