Purple and Yellow Weddings

Amy Hoover
purple and yellow bridal bouquet

While purple and yellow weddings are popular in the spring and summer, they can actually be perfect any time of year. This classic color combination offers numerous possibilities for decorating.

Purple and Yellow Color Combinations

While purple and yellow sounds like a self-explanatory color combo, there are several ways to carry it out. Consider these wedding color combinations of the two hues:

  • Bright purple and bright lemon yellow
  • Bright purple and pastel yellow
  • Lavender and pastel yellow
  • Plum and various shades of yellow

How you choose to incorporate both colors into your wedding is up to you. The two colors can be featured evenly throughout the wedding or you can choose a dominant color, using the other as an accent.

At a spring wedding lavender or pastel yellow is a great choice for the dominant color, while at summer weddings, a bright lemon yellow or bright purple is more seasonal. Choose a marigold yellow for a fall wedding and plum purple for a winter wedding. This color combination is so versatile, you can find a way to make it work whatever season your wedding takes place in.

A Purple and Yellow Wedding

The first place to start planning a purple and yellow wedding is with your wedding invitations. A yellow invitation with a metallic purple font is a vibrant option that lets guests know your color scheme. Simple white or ivory invitations with a small graphic or embellishment in purple and yellow is another way to incorporate the colors into your stationary. Remember to pick up matching thank you cards for after the wedding, too.


Attire is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the purple and yellow color scheme into your wedding. Put bridesmaids in a purple or yellow dress, or have them wear a black dress with a purple or yellow sash. Men can don ties, bowties and vests in either purple or yellow. Even the bride can purchase a colored wedding dress in purple or yellow.


purple and yellow flowers Place flower arrangements near the entrance.

Create beautiful wedding bouquets using the purple and yellow scheme. Consider having mixed bouquets featuring both colors; alternatively, bridesmaids can carry the color opposite or the same of their dress or sash. Brides could carry a mixed bouquet, or they could carry either purple or yellow flowers, with the bridesmaids carrying the opposite.

Altar bouquets and accents should feature both colors, with the dominant color being more prominent than the accent color. Feel free to add some greenery or baby's breath as filler to help break up what could become an overwhelming color scheme.

Ceremony Decorations

Pew decorations are a great place to add a pop of color. Use a purple bow with a yellow bloom in the center for a pretty decoration, or vice versa.

Swap out regular white candles for purple or yellow candles at the front of the ceremony site. Don't forget to choose a unity candle in your color scheme, too.

Finally, if you want an aisle runner, look for one featuring your wedding's dominant color. This way, it really makes the accent color pop at the ceremony.


purple and yellow napkins Include purple and yellow in table linens.

The reception offers numerous areas to incorporate your purple and yellow wedding color theme. Add it to:

  • Centerpieces: Choose floral centerpieces in purple and yellow or sprinkle flower petals around candles using this color scheme.
  • Table Linens: Cover the table in one color and add a runner in the secondary color. Make sure napkins match the color scheme, and tie a bow around the chairs in either purple or yellow.
  • Cake: Wedding cake design possibilities featuring purple and yellow are endless. A traditional white cake can have purple and yellow roses; or you can have a pale yellow cake with purple butterflies adorning it. Purple and yellow polka dots or stripes are excellent choices for a modern design, while a mad hatter cake with this scheme is also fun to create.
  • Decorations: Have the wedding DJ using purple and yellow spotlights on the dance floor throughout the evening. Replace window drapes with ones that match the rest of the fabrics in the room. Choose a wedding backdrop that features purple and yellow. Swag purple or yellow tulle across the head table. If you are including balloons in your decorations, such as in an archway, make sure they match the rest of the purple and yellow décor.

Purple and yellow weddings are a beautiful choice no matter what time of year. Include this lovely color scheme in everything from the invitations to the reception cake and it will create an eye-catching theme without going over the top.

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Purple and Yellow Weddings