Wedding Reception Facilities in the Greater Toronto Area

Casa Loma in Canada
Casa Loma

If you're searching in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for ideal wedding reception facilities, you're in luck. Most venue websites outline exactly what's included. A quick guide can help you narrow the search and find the perfect location for your big day!

Getting Married in the GTA

Many couples want to have a destination wedding, but do not want to travel too far from home. A wedding in Canada is a dream wedding location for many couples. The Greater Toronto Area, which consists of Toronto and its surrounding communities like Durham, York, and Richmond Hill, is a wonderful choice for those who want to get away from the familiar. Find out exactly how to plan a Toronto area wedding in LoveToKnow's article Getting Married in Toronto Canada.

A Few Greater Toronto Area Wedding Reception Facilities

Picking out the perfect reception facility when you do not have access to it is hard. Consider hiring a bridal consultant who works in the Toronto region who can scout out some facilities for you. It really helps to make at least one preliminary trip to the area to finalize the facilities found by the consultant; however, this is not always possible.

Couples who don't have planners or who cannot view the locations themselves can peruse their options online. Think about making one of these Greater Toronto Area wedding reception facilities your reception venue:

  • Casa Loma: The castle that was built in the early 20th century is a stunning reception location. There are three main rooms available for a function, and the castle can host up to 600 guests at a time, making it ideal for huge wedding celebrations. The gardens are especially picturesque for photographs.
  • Toronto Zoo: Animals lovers will enjoy the intimate feel of the Zoo, which can accommodate up to 75 guests. Add unique options like an animal visitor or Zoo tour to the reception package.
  • Estates of Sunnybrook: Three different historic buildings on this property offer couples beautiful options for their ceremonies and receptions. Representatives from the sales team, catering team and more will help couples plan their wedding from start to finish.
  • The Eglinton Grand: This restored historic theatre is a distinctive venue choice sure to impress everyone. A variety of catering options are available, including Chinese, Indian and Kosher.
  • Premiere Ballroom & Convention Center: Couples who are hosting a large wedding reception will find that the Premiere Ballroom can host up to 1,200 people. Various packages, including an all-inclusive price, are available.
  • The Great Hall: Host a wedding reception in The Hall, which includes a unique balcony and floor space. This is a historic landmark for the arts in Toronto, making it a unique venue choice.
  • Europa Convention Centre: This is an affordable choice for couples who can choose between the Classic and Deluxe catering packages, both of which include wedding cake, table flower arrangements and a bridal room.

In addition to the fine GTA reception facilities listed above, couples may also want to consider other options. Local restaurants, country clubs and golf courses and churches may have facilities available for reception rental.

Remember that the reception facility you choose needs to fit your wedding theme, style and your personality as a couple. If you want an elegant and traditional reception, consider a tea room or ballroom. A contemporary space like a theater or museum is the perfect choice for a modern wedding. Regardless of your wedding style, one of the many Greater Toronto Area wedding reception facilities is sure to meet your needs.

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Wedding Reception Facilities in the Greater Toronto Area