Flower Girl Dress Interview with Olivia Kate Couture

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Cassie Spade believes that brides should be able to find high quality flower girl dresses for an affordable price. She also feels it is important for the child to enjoy wearing the dress. She built her business, Olivia Kate Couture, around the ideas of creating handmade children's dresses that all income levels can afford and that children would enjoy wearing.

Interview with Cassie Spade of Olivia Kate Couture

Cassie Spade is a self-taught designer who makes handmade flower girl dresses worthy of top children's clothing boutiques. She learned sewing fundamentals at her grandmother's knee, but it wasn't until her daughter, Olivia, was born that she began sewing clothing. Her daughter has inspired a line of flower girl, pageant and special occasion dresses that follow traditional and new fashion trends. Olivia Kate Couture was born.

Olivia Kate Couture specializes in tutu dresses and uses fabrics like silk, tulle, satin and cotton.

Making Flower Girl Dresses Affordable

Children in flower girl dresses

LoveToKnow (LTK): At the Etsy Love social network, you state, "Our focus is creating beautifully made dresses for a reasonable price." How do you keep costs down and offer reasonably priced high quality handmade dresses?

Cassie Spade (CS): We purchase in bulk. When we purchase, we shop for top quality fabrics and materials from our suppliers. We purchase in large quantities so that we have plenty in stock. Our suppliers offer us special discounts and sales at different times throughout the year. Each dress goes through a final quality inspection before being individually packaged and shipped to the client.

LTK: What is the general price range for your dresses?

CS: Dresses cost between $89 to $135.

Custom Dress Orders

LTK: What are the most important things a customer shopping for a flower girl dress should consider before a purchase?

CS: Is it comfortable? Is it lined? Is it durable? Made to fit? Whether they want to use the dress more than once is important also.

LTK: You specialize in flower girl dresses, special occasion dresses and sewn tulle tutu dresses. What types of specialty items or services separate you from other bridal boutiques that deal with both adults and children in terms of custom work?

CS: Our designs are custom made to the exact size and measurements provided by each individual client once purchased. We are willing to use any fabric print the client desires and to customize the colors.

LTK: Each of your dresses is customized rather than ready-made. What types of things can a customer customize in a dress order?

CS: Our clients are able to customize the measurements, color, fabric and even the design. We have many clients that mix the design of our dresses, so that's fun too.

Flower Girls

Advice for Brides

LTK: Do you have any advice for brides who are selecting dresses for their flower girl?

CS: Start shopping and order early. Waiting will cost more money and cause unnecessary stress.

LTK: Should brides pick flower girl dresses that can be worn for other occasions?

CS: Absolutely! Our dresses can be used for any special occasion. We have many moms and grandmothers that purchase flower girl dresses and then use them for portraits or another dressy event. We have created many dresses for little girls that were visiting Disney World for the first time. Others were purchased for special princess birthday parties and graduation events.

Olivia Kate Couture Shopping Information

Customers can purchase Olivia Kate Couture dresses at the Etsy shop, eBay store and the following online boutiques:

Learn more about Olivia Kate Couture at their Facebook, Twitter and blog sites.

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Flower Girl Dress Interview with Olivia Kate Couture