DJ Games for Wedding Receptions

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Wedding DJs entertain your guests.

DJ games are great fun for wedding receptions! A skillful DJ knows how engage your guests and the wedding party. This type of entertainment will help you create fantastic memories with the people you love.

Games for a Wedding Reception DJ

If you want to incorporate DJ games for wedding receptions into your big day, it's a good idea to mention this to your expected wedding DJ. Many disc jockeys can give you a list of games that they've hosted during previous weddings. This is a good place to start when trying to decide what type of games you want to include in your own day.

Here are a few popular games that can help keep your guests entertained:

  • Wedding Bingo: Wedding bingo is a very common game at wedding receptions. Your DJ may already have the supplies necessary to host a rousing game of wedding bingo. If not, there are a variety of online retailers that cater to wedding reception game supplies.
  • Musical Chairs: This is a great way to get everyone involved, from your youngest guests to your oldest. Best of all, this particular game doesn't require any extra equipment or supplies. All you need is a disc jockey to get the game going.
  • Dollar Dance: This game, spearheaded by the DJ, invites guests to dance with the bride and groom respectively, but there's just one catch. Guests must pay for the dance, with the money going to the bride and groom to start their new life together. The DJ will play a popular wedding song,usually for a minute or two, before pausing to allow the next guest his or her turn. However, some people feel this is not proper for a reception, so be sure to mention this to your DJ if you do not want this activity at your wedding.
  • Door Prize Games: A less hands-on type of game is the door prize game. As guests come in, they will be able to enter into a boxed drawing. During the reception, the DJ will draw and announce the winner, who will usually get a prize. Another take on this is to use a jar of mints, candy, or marbles. Each guest will guess how many units are in the jar. The DJ will announce the number, and whoever is closest gets the prize.

Other DJ Entertainment

Disc jockeys are usually talented at entertaining guests. He or she can kick off the games and should be able to rouse guests in other ways. Here are a few more great ways to keep guests entertained during the reception:

  • Dancing: By choosing music that appeals to guests and the wedding party, a DJ can keep the party going all night long.
  • Conga Line: A popular reception activity, the conga line can include many guests and members of the wedding party.
  • Wedding Toasts: A good wedding DJ should initiate the ever-popular wedding toasts.

DJ games for wedding receptions are just one great way to keep guests at a wedding reception entertained. There are many ways to create cherished memories and to make your wedding day an experience that everyone involved will enjoy.

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