Ideas for Cheap Wedding Centerpieces with Flowers

Carnations bunch
Carnations are cheap and beautiful centerpieces.

Cheap wedding centerpieces with flowers can be made using creative ideas for beautiful wedding reception and guest tables. A floral arrangment need not be elaborate or costly. Some brides choose to design their own centerpieces as a way to save money.

Cheap Wedding Flower Centerpieces

A wedding centerpiece can truly make a table setting. Flowers, especially, add a fresh touch to your wedding and can help you play up whatever color scheme you've chosen.

The following are a few simple and inexpensive ways to incorporate flowers into your centerpieces:

  • Use daisies. There is just something about fresh white daisies that says "wedding day." Consider using three white daisies in a clear glass vase. To dress it up, add iridescent marbles to the bottom of the vase to hold the daisies in place. Colorful daisies can play up your wedding theme, as well.
  • Add ribbon to your flowers. By adding an inexpensive strand of colorful ribbon to your flower arrangements, you can enhance the look of the centerpiece without adding much cost. Consider tying a deep crimson ribbon around a vase of white roses.
  • Try wild flower bouquets. Roses and lilies might be common wedding flowers, but nothing says you have to be common. Try using something unique and simple like a bouquet of wild flowers. These are often cheaper and can even be found in your own yard or purchased at a local flower shop off the rack. Having these varying flowers on each table can lend uniqueness to your wedding that won't be forgotten.
  • Use carnations. Carnations are one of the cheapest types of flowers you can purchase. These beautiful, simple flowers come in a wide variety of colors and can even be dipped or tipped in dye to match your wedding colors.
  • Rely on candles. If you can't afford to use a lot of flowers in each centerpiece, consider creating a flower wreath of inexpensive flowers that circles a candle or tea light.
  • Use a single flower. No one says you have to center each table with an entire bouquet. One single flower can speak volumes all on its own. For a formal wedding, place a red rose in a slender bud vase at the center of each table. For a more informal or country wedding, consider a single daisy in a mason jar.
  • Don't forget potted plants and flowers. Potted flowers make even more sense when you're on a budget. These beautiful potted centerpieces can act as keepsake gifts for your guests or can become a cherished part of your own garden after the wedding. Herbs, such as lavender, are a different and useful variation on the potted plant centerpiece.

More Centerpiece Ideas

When you can't afford an expensive florist, consider how to stretch your budget through decorative accessories. These ideas spruce up silk wedding flowers without costing a lot:

  • Seashells: A simple bowl of seashells works on its own, but it can also serve as the perfect anchor for silk flowers.
  • Decorative rocks: Polished stones can make a beautiful and unique centerpiece with a few faux blooms placed around the rocks.
  • Glass marbles: Glass marbles work well as a base for artificial flowers. They catch the light well at an evening reception with candles.
  • Sand: Multi-colored sand in glass vases can make a very unique centerpiece that your guests can even take home to enjoy. Scatter some silk petals around the vases.

Saving Money on Centerpieces

Cheap wedding centerpieces with flowers are a beautiful addition to your wedding reception that will enhance the look and feel of the entire event. Don't worry if you can't afford more expensive wedding flowers. Simple can often allow the more important things to shine, like the bride, the groom, and their very special love.

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Ideas for Cheap Wedding Centerpieces with Flowers