Creative Wedding Poses for Groomsmen

Creative Photos with Groomsmen

Ideas for creative poses of the groom with his groomsmen should reflect those friendships. A few candid shots with the bridal couple further ensures many lifelong cherished keepsakes.

An easy way to change up the typical side-by-side pose is to have the groom step out in front of his men. With the camera at a slight angle, the shot is still fairly traditional but has a modern twist.

Utilize Wedding Location

Incorporate a scenic location into the wedding shots with groomsmen. While it may be difficult for the bride and bridesmaids to climb over rocks or muddy areas with their long dresses and heels, these areas lend themselves perfectly for poses with the guys.

Fun with the Bride

Getting a fun shot with the bride is always a good idea. Groomsmen can hold the bride up in front of them, cradle her like she was in a swing or even become her "chair" for a few minutes.

Tied to Technology

In the 21st century, it seems like no one is ever without their phone. Have the groomsmen pose with their cellphones in a fun shot.

Casual Poses

Make a customary shot casual by having groomsmen put one hand in their pockets and rest their arms on one another. This can replace the standard shot of the guys with their hands clasped in front of themselves.

Modern Photography Shots

If the groom has a special vehicle reserved for the day, include it in a shot with the groomsmen. Make the vehicle the focus of the photograph and have the gentlemen in the background for a modern and artsy photograph.

Silly Poses

Have fun with the entire bridal party with a little gender-reversal. Have the ladies give the men their bouquets and pose in a traditional manner. This silly pose is sure to elicit some grins from even the most nervous bridal party members.

Traditional Poses for Groomsmen

While it's fun to take lots of creative wedding poses with the groomsmen and bridesmaids, remember to have a few more traditional shots included on your day. Traditional poses include the groom with each groomsman, the groomsmen alone and the groomsmen with the groom in a line or group.

Harness Energy in Photo Poses

Everyone in the bridal party is usually full of energy on the wedding day, so take advantage of it during the photography session. Have the photographer snap some photos of the groom and groomsmen clicking their heels together as they enter or exit the wedding ceremony.

Plan out your wedding photography poses with the photographer before the ceremony, and you're sure to get all the creative shots with the groomsmen you wanted.

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Creative Wedding Poses for Groomsmen