Ocean-Themed Weddings

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Ocean-themed weddings draw on the beauty and magnificence of the water to create a unique and memorable day. This type of wedding theme also offers flexibility with colors and decorations, making it simpler and cheaper to get ready for your exciting event.

Planning Ocean-Themed Weddings

The ocean is seen as a symbol of continuity, of mystery, and of beauty. Its tides are drawn by the moon, and its waters seem to endlessly caress the horizon. It's no wonder that this is often chosen as a wedding theme by sentimental brides and grooms. The best way to host an sea-themed wedding is to actually have an oceanside wedding or a beach wedding.

However, not everyone lives near an ocean or wants the added expense of a destination wedding. In this case, ocean-themed weddings benefit from having many colors and styles to choose from and can bring a little bit of the sea to you wherever you are.

Ocean Wedding Colors

If you've chosen an ocean theme, you will probably want to use sea-inspired colors throughout your wedding. Two excellent color combinations include seafoam green and pink and bright blue with tan. While the vivid blues of the sea are one of the first things you think of, there are many other colors of the ocean that can be added to your wedding color palette. Consider the deep green of kelp and the bright oranges, yellows, and reds of fish and other sea life.

Incorporate your colors throughout your wedding, using ideas like these:

  • Dark blue ribbons: Many brides like to decorate each pew with a colored ribbon. This is a great way to bring your colors in to the actual ceremony.
  • Bridesmaids dresses: One of the ways many brides like to incorporate their chosen colors is with colorful bridesmaids dresses. Deep blues, greens, and other ocean-themed colors will not only work well for the ceremony, but may make it so that your bridesmaids can wear the dresses again.
  • Guest attire: Invite guests to dress in ocean-inspired colors. This can add a special touch to your wedding and help guests to feel included.

Wedding Ceremony

A unique way to work an ocean theme into your ceremony is to do a symbolic sand ceremony in which both the bride and groom pour vases of sand into one large vase. Use varying colors to create a beautiful sand keepsake for your future home. Additionally, use ocean and beach themed accessories for your wedding, even if it isn't at the actual ocean. For example, skip the ring bearer pillow and have the child walk down the aisle carrying a ring bearer pail instead.

Ocean Decorations

Decorating ideas for an ocean themed wedding include:

  • Blue water: The deep blue and aquamarine color of the oceans is one of its greatest lures. Draw on the water theme by having a turquoise wedding cake, complete with a fountain or waterfall.
  • Shells: You can use shells, a symbol for both the beach and the ocean, in so many ways when it comes to decorating for a wedding. Shells can be used to make unique centerpieces. They can also be given in small pouches as a keepsake for a beach wedding.

Sea-Inspired Food

Décor isn't the only area in which you can incorporate your ocean theme. Your reception meal can also be influenced by your theme.

  • Serve fish. This is the most obvious way to work your ocean theme into your wedding reception. There are many types of fish to consider. Some of the most popular for a variety of people are salmon, tuna, and tilapia. If you want to get really creative, consider serving sushi. If you go that route, however, be sure to include some cooked fish options, as well as vegetarian sushi choices for those that don't enjoy raw fish.
  • Include sea vegetables. Sea vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals and are a tasty way to incorporate a unique side into your main meal. Seaweed and kelp are both good options, but talk to you caterer about what's available in your area.
  • Choose themed serving dishes. Rather than use the typical silver or gold serving trays and bowls, consider using ocean-themed dishes. This can add a fun, whimsical touch to your food table or plated dinner.

Inspired by the Ocean

There are many ways to work an ocean theme into your wedding whether you use the colors for your dresses, have a ceremony that reflects the ocean theme, decorate with inspirations from sand and sea, or feature a sea-themed meal.

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Ocean-Themed Weddings