7 Wedding Disasters That Can Actually Happen

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There are at least 7 wedding disasters that bridal couples worry can actually happen. The best way to counter such worries is to be prepared for everything that could possibly go wrong.

1. Wedding Dress Sabotage

The cat rips your dress the night before the big day, torrential rain soaks you and your gown to the bone, or a pre-nuptials glass of red wine decides to decorate your sweetheart neckline. Whatever the travesty bestowed upon your once-in-a-lifetime dress, these things just should not happen!

It should be obvious, but it's worth saying again. Guard your wedding dress with your life! Besides keeping it zipped up and shut away on the big day itself, why not swap that red for white wine, or better yet, vodka? Plus, ensure you're weather proofed with an army of golf umbrellas, and remember what they say about working with animals and children. Just don't.

2. Double Booking Hell

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It's all going so smoothly and everything you have planned out is coming to fruition until your caterer tells you they've mistakenly double booked and don't have staff to fulfill both jobs. WHAT THE? As if this is YOUR problem. Well actually, it kind of is now that your caterers are going to have to leave midway through the reception to fulfill another event.

Reduce your chances of double booking by working with an experienced caterer who has learned not to make fatal errors like this, and remember, it's at times like these that you will be SO grateful you took out that wedding insurance.

3. Lost Ring Emergency!

So you thought it would be totally cute to make your two-year-old nephew, who can barely hold his own cup, the ring bearer. Until you see his puzzled face looking down at a now empty cushion as he shuffles down the aisle. NOOOOO! Has he actually lost the ring? Your mind races and you sweat bullets as you order a search party to sweep the grounds.

Giving a little minion the task of carrying your ring is totally adorable, but come on now. Their brains just aren't developed enough to take on that kind of responsibility. We hear you, it's such a pity! Give them a job, but not the ring job, please! Let them walk side-by-side with an older child who knows what it means to be responsible.

4. Where IS Everybody?

You're here. Your wedding party is here. Word has it that the groom is here. But the rest of the venue is eerily silent. Not another soul has turned up yet. What could be happening? Incredulous, you double check the invitation and your world falls apart. You've just realized that you made the mother of all mistakes. On your invitation is tomorrow's date!

How can this be? Amazingly, some brides get not only their wedding date muddled, but also the venue. Make sure you're not one of them by quadruple checking your invitation before it goes to print, as well as getting someone else to read them before you hit the send button.

5. The Big Old Brawl

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One minute, you're all kinds of chuckling at your drunk now father-in-law, who is acting like a bit of a dufus. The next, he's creating a scene when he decides that abusing one of the ushers is a good idea. The other ushers step in, have words, and before you know it, it escalates and fast, with punches being exchanged and the cops being called! Yes, it seems to be that no one is concerned that they are at a WEDDING and not a biker bar.

To avoid scenes like this, if you know a particular family member that can take things a bit TOO far with the booze, cunningly designate an undercover minder to take subtle responsibility and baby-sit them. You'll be glad you did.

6. Wedding Cake Crash

Chaos at a wedding celebration

After a few glasses of bubbly and a day on your feet, those decadent wedding shoes may now seem more malicious than delicious, and not feeling like the most comfortable in the land. Add the flash of wedding paparazzi, and it's understandable that many brides could be feeling a bit wobbly on their feet. Unfortunately, some brides can get a bit too wobbly right by their wedding cake at the time of cutting and lose their balance, collapsing into the cake table, sending the cake crashing down. Don't believe that this can happen?

Avoid this epic wedding fail by making sure you listen to what your feet (and balance) are telling you and keep some handy flats stashed away for when you can no longer trust yourself at sky-high levels.

7. Food Poisoning Hell

Sick Bride

So you and your wedding party decide to live it up and gorge on oysters and champagne the night before the big day as part of a little pre-wedding celebration. Seemed like a good idea at the time, until your stomach starts lurching and your bridesmaids break out in diarrhea, that is, and you realize that what you thought was wedding nerves is actually (shock horror) a dreaded, collective wedding party food poisoning!

A lengthy ceremony and food poisoning do not a happy marriage make, so to be absolutely sure that this is one disaster you avoid, go easy on what you eat the night before. That means shellfish, sushi, and curries are definitely off the menu.

It's all in the planning they say. So just when you think you have planned enough, it's time to plan a bit more - and head those disasters off at the pass.

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7 Wedding Disasters That Can Actually Happen