Wine Wedding Favors

Amy Hoover
wine wedding favors

Wine wedding favors are gaining in popularity. Many couples feel offering their guests a small bottle of wine to take home is a classy gift and one that will be put to good use. At a cocktail reception or adults-only wedding, wine favors are an excellent choice as a thank you gift for your guests. nIt is also the perfect favor if your ceremony or reception is at a vineyard or uses a fall harvest theme.

Choosing a Wine for Your Favor

It helps to know a little bit about wine before choosing one for a favor. There are many inexpensive wine favors on the market and these aren't always of the best quality. Consider choosing a favorite wine or one you and your spouse-to-be enjoyed on a first date as a very meaningful token. If you are not confident in your own taste, you can probably get recommendations from wine-loving friends or the sommelier at your favorite restaurant.

Are you environmentally conscious? Choose an organically produced vino to share, especially if you can find one made locally. If you are an amateur winemaker, you might want to send friends and family home with your own vintage. Many reputable wineries offer small bottles of their premium wines to be used as wedding favors. Even if you don't go premium, you can still choose wine from a well known vineyard at an affordable price. All types and colors are available, even champagne.


The cost of purchasing wine wedding favors all depends on the type of wine you choose. You can find small bottles of fine wines ranging in price from $3 and above. Champagnes generally run higher. Many vineyards or wedding favor retailers will offer discounts based on volumes, so you may be able to work out a deal.

Personalized Labels

Depending on your budget, you can choose to have the vineyard's regular label on your wedding favors or you can use some that are more personalized. Most shops offering these favors have a variety of labels to choose from including whimsical or classic designs. Each label will have your names and the date of your wedding imprinted. You can also choose to add a saying or description. If you don't personalize the label, consider adding a small customized tag to the bottle. Many couples just print their names and wedding date or choose such sentiments as:

  • "Thank you for sharing our day with us."
  • "Forever"
  • "A New Beginning"

For Those Who Don't Imbibe

If you or some of your guests don't drink alcoholic beverages, don't despair. Non-alcoholic beverages such as sparkling apple cider, sparkling grape juice or sparkling water are also available. They're offered in decorative wine type bottles and also come with labels imprinted with your names and wedding dates. These non-alcoholic options are also appropriate for children and teens.

Where to Find Wine Favors

If you have a favorite vineyard or wine dealer, contact them to see what they have to offer. You may be able to find a personal favorite in favor form.

Wine wedding favors are also available Online. Check out one of these spots:

  • Personal Wine Offers premium wines in a variety of sizes from full to half to mini. The wine here is pricier but true aficionados will appreciate your generosity.
  • Favor Label by Diamond Hill Vineyards offers wine wedding favors, sparkling cider and even bottles filled with jelly beans.

Other Wine Themed Wedding Favor Options

Just because you want to have wine wedding favors does not mean the bottle has to hold actual wine inside it. More options for a wedding favor using wine bottles include:

  • Make or purchase molded soaps in the shape of a wine bottle
  • Purchase empty, clear wine bottles and decorate with paint to create a wine bottle vase
  • Hand out bubbles shaped like wine bottles
  • Purchase or create your own candles shaped like wine
  • Give out wine bottles with lotion inside that smells like merlot
  • Fill clear wine bottles with rose petals and water for a lightly scented and pretty knick-knack that's fit to display in guests' homes

At an outdoor wedding, consider setting up a children's area with colored sand and small, empty wine-shaped bottles. Let the children fill the bottles with their choice of sand colors and then cork them as a wedding favor just for them. Hire someone or ask a relative to help supervise the area.

Another fun way to use wine bottles is to fill them up with miniature candies. Choose candy-coated chocolates or jelly beans in your wedding colors and fill empty wine bottles to the brim. Place them on tables or group them together as part of a wedding reception centerpiece.

You could also give out wine accessories, like a wineglass, bottle opener, wine stopper, or wine charms, as your favors. Stoppers and charms are especially popular, and come in a wide range of themes.

Sophisticated Favors

Wine bottles evoke a sense of sophistication to any wedding. Whether you choose to give out actual wine in the bottles or use the bottles as the starting point for another favor idea, guests will enjoy their unique wedding reception favors that show you appreciate their love and support.

Wine Wedding Favors