Wedding Favor Charms

Delicate and attractive, wedding favor charms complete the favor presentation and add a special touch. These small additions will not only make your guests feel special, but also add an elegant touch to your reception tables when arranged by each place setting.

Types of Wedding Favor Charms

There are dozens of types of charms available -- you'll just need to choose the style and design that goes with your wedding. If you are having a theme wedding or a special motif, you may want to look for something special that goes along with your particular theme.

Otherwise, there are plenty of more universal favor charms available that will work with virtually any wedding. These include:

  • Hearts
  • Imitation Wedding Rings or Bands
  • Lucky Horseshoes
  • Flowers
  • Wedding Bells
  • 'Our Wedding' Charms
  • ' Thank you' Charms
  • 'Love' Charms
  • Doves
  • Angels
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Four Leaf Lucky Clovers
  • Cinderella's Glass Slipper

Other ideas for charms include seashells, starfish, Western hats, snowflakes, and butterflies. Virtually anything in miniature will look adorable. As long as it reflects some sentiment of your wedding, or goes along with your theme, you can choose anything you'd like.

Some charms can also be personalized with your initials or wedding date as well.


Favor charms are made from a variety of materials. They are most commonly made from silver or gold-toned metal. Pewter and porcelain are also used. For less expensive charms, plastic and foil charms are also sold.

How to Use Them

Charms add a lot in terms of style, but they are quite simple to use. If you are having a large reception, you may want to enlist the help of the bridal party and/or family and friends to help with the wrapping and attaching of charms.

Attaching by Ribbon

The most common way to use them is to simply attach the charm to a ribbon that goes around the favor box or bag. You can attach one or two charms depending on how you'd like the presentation. Push the ribbon through the hole in the charm, and tie a bow or knot the ribbon to prevent the charm from coming loose.

This can also be done with raffia, yarn, twine, strips of tulle ribbon, or any other type or ribbon or tie that adds elegance, romance, or whimsy to your favor packaging.

Around Scrolls

Wedding rings or bands or other charms that have a large opening are perfect for adding elegance to scroll wedding favors. Scrolls typically have a special message, poem, saying, or note of thanks to the guests. These are rolled up, and the ring charms can be placed directly around the scroll to hold it in place.


If you'd like to place the charms on top of the favor packaging, you can use a light adhesive, such as a teacher's tacky adhesive, to secure the charms on the package. Then they can easily be removed and kept by your guests.

Charms as Favors

Some couples choose to use charms as wedding favors themselves. The most commonly used are wine charms. Usually given in a set of four to six charms, these are a lovely and useful favor for your guests.

The letters from the word 'love,' hearts, birds, bells, wine glasses, vineyard charms, and much more are available.

Another type of charm used are cake charms. Often pewter or porcelain, lovely cake charms can be a nice keepsake for the bride and groom as well as adding beauty to your wedding cake.

Costs and Shopping

You can find wedding favor charms at a variety of locations, including:

  • Craft Stores
  • Party Stores
  • Party and Card Outlets
  • Some Discount and Department Stores
  • Online Wedding Retailers
  • Jewelry Stores

Wine wedding charms are also available through many department stores and select wine merchants. Cake charms may additionally be available through your wedding baker.

Costs vary depending on the number of charms purchased, materials, and size. They range in price anywhere from a nickel a piece for simple plastic charms to over two dollars for a personalized pewter charm.

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Wedding Favor Charms