Tea-Length Ivory Wedding Dresses

Crystal Schwanke
Strapless Ivory Gown with Lace-Up Back

A floor-length princess dress is not the wedding dress of every bride's dreams; in fact, some brides may opt for a tea-length ivory wedding dress instead of the traditional white ball gown. Modern brides can choose a dress in any style or shape she wants, be it a red colored dress or a retro '40's style, or even a gown covered in feathers and dyed pink.

Wearing an Ivory Tea-Length Gown

A wedding gown should fit in with the style of the entire wedding. A large evening candlelight adults-only wedding would require more formal dress than a backyard family affair or beach ceremony. Wearing a tea-length gown is the perfect choice for the following weddings:

A tea-length dress is also appropriate second wedding dress for brides who have "been there, done that" with a more traditional floor-length dress. tea-length dresses tend to be less ornate and may also appeal to a more mature bride.

The current trend in wedding dresses is to infuse a little (or even a lot) of color. Beading, sequins, sashes, and embroidery in black, red, blue, and purple are all popular choices for modern brides. Choosing a gown in ivory is different enough from white and off-white gowns, but still simple and classic looking. Ivory is a timeless color that may even look better on some brides than shades of white.

Buying a Tea-Length Ivory Wedding Dress

tea-length dresses are often found in the informal section of a bridal boutique. Sometimes called "destination dresses" they also are frequently cheaper wedding dresses than the traditional gowns. If you are planning a destination wedding to a warmer climate in the middle of the winter season, your local bridal boutique may not have a large selection of tea-length dresses. Search out online retailers to get a better idea of what is available. Ask friends for recommendations, and get measured by a seamstress so you purchase the correct size.

retro bride
Tea-length dresses can be retro.

tea-length dresses are made by a number of popular wedding gown designers, and can be found at large bridal retail stores as well. Dresses and retailers to consider choosing include:

Dream Bridal Dress

Dream Bridal Dress has quite a few tea-length ivory dresses to choose from. Consider:

  • Teawd002 has an elegant wide lace trim that offers a vintage feel.The row of buttons up the back heightens that vibe, and the strapless style with the lace at waist level will flatter hourglass figures beautifully.
  • If a halter is more your style and you love to flaunt your shoulders and back, have a look at the teawd003. It has a splash of glamour and sparkle along the bodice and hem that makes it eye-catching without being over the top.
  • The teawd005 style is for the girls who've dreamed of a princess style dress but want something that's easier to move in, and stays out of the grass, water, or sand. The shirred, fitted bodice and flared, fluffy skirt make it a winner.

Posh Girl Vintage

If you want a tea-length dress because you love the vintage look, you'll want to have a look at the Posh Girl Vintage options, like the 1950's Ivory Organza tea-length Wedding Dress. It borders on white, but it's a soft ivory shade.

ivory dress
There's beauty in a simple ivory dress.

Jorma Bridal

  • Teawd008: This is a sleek strapless style with a tail hem that's longer in the back than in the front. The dip in the back will make your waist appear smaller and put your back on display.
  • Teawd007: If you're having a garden ceremony, this dress will be lovely. It's feminine from top to bottom, with a sheer floral overlay and matching sash.

Alfred Angelo

If you want to go all out, Style 2238, with optional spaghetti straps, from Alfred Angelo will do the trick thanks to crystal beading, sequins, satin, lace, and more. This dress is available in ivory/silver.

Buying Tips

Try on a variety of styles before choosing your final dress. You may find that a different neckline looks better when paired with a tea-length dress than you originally imagined. While strapless dresses are popular and in wide abundance, add spaghetti straps or hunt for another neckline if you are uncomfortable showing that much skin with a shorter dress. If you're ordering online and looking at dresses on several sites, double check the style name and number before your finalize your order. Some of the dresses have very similar style numbers from one site to another, but those numbers represent entirely different dresses.

tea length dress on the beach
More casual than the alternative.

White vs. Ivory Tea-Length Wedding Dresses

There are a few reasons a bride may want to wear an ivory tea-length dress over a white one:

  • She looks better in ivory than white. If a bride's skin tone veers toward spring or fall tones, there's a good chance the white could make her look less vibrant in her wedding pictures than ivory would.
  • She's mature or has been married before.
  • She simply doesn't want a traditional white gown.
  • Ivory blends in better with the background than white would.

There are a few reasons a bride may still choose a white gown over ivory:

  • She is a fan of tradition, but wishes to have a shorter length either for a twist on an old tradition or because it's more practical for her wedding setting.
  • She looks better in white than ivory.
  • White looks better than ivory with the venue and colors she's chosen.
  • It's her first wedding.

Tea-length wedding dresses can easily add a retro flair to a wedding, but they're also functional in many settings. If the bride doesn't want to change out of her wedding dress all night but she does want to dance for hours, she won't find herself uncomfortable or unable to move easily along the dance floor. She can travel in it if she's leaving for her honeymoon immediately after the reception. An ivory gown is merely a matter of preference, though it does flatter some skin tones better, and a bride may feel that ivory looks better than white against the backdrop for her pictures because of the colors she's chosen for the wedding.

beach bride and groom
Tea-length: Perfect for the beach.

Bridal Dress Alternatives

Just because you are the "bride" does not mean you are stuck to shopping only in the bridal section of stores or in bridal boutiques. Instead of buying a wedding dress, consider purchasing a tea-length bridesmaid dress in ivory. Not only will it save you hundreds of dollars, but the simpler styling of many bridesmaid dresses may lend itself to be worn again.

Another alternative to a tea-length ivory wedding dress is to search out a style in the cocktail or formal wear section of a department store.

Look Radiant in a Tea-Length Dress

Choosing a tea-length ivory wedding dress will set you apart from the more traditional or trendy dress choices of today's brides. Whether you go with a more inexpensive alternative or choose a dress by a popular designer, you will look radiant on your wedding day.

Tea-Length Ivory Wedding Dresses