Crazy Wedding Pictures

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Taking Crazy Wedding Pictures

Many couples feel like they're going to go crazy when planning their wedding, so why not capture the emotions of that special day by including crazy wedding pictures? Whether you add a few crazy elements to your wedding decorations or you just want to be nuts for a minute or two to vent some excitement, crazy pictures can be fun mementos of your wedding day.

Jump for joy on your wedding day!

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Funny Cake Topper

Try a funny wedding cake topper for an appropriate amount of craziness.

Crazy Cake

A one-of-a-kind wedding cake can be crazy.

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Naught Bride

Are you a crazy, naughty bride?

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First Taste of Marriage

Some wedding pictures and portraits are obviously staged, but the most fun crazy pictures will have an element of spontaneity to them.

Enjoy the first bite of married life!

Wedding Landscape

Go crazy with your landscape.

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Take the Plunge

Photos of crazy wedding moments can be fun to relive.

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Get the Groomsmen to Go Nuts

Be sure your wedding photographer is able to capture candid moments during the day, not just of the bride and groom, but also of the bridal party and guests.

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Creative Wedding Transportation

Crazy transportation can be more fun than a limousine.

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Tradition Crazy

The groom shouldn't see the bride before the wedding.

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Crazy in Love

Go crazy with your wedding veil.

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Crazy Bridal Photo

Show off your buff bridal bod... but be sure not to embarrass yourself or others just for the sake of getting a wild wedding photograph. You want to preserve the fun memories of the day, not create bad ones.

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Crazy Wedding Pictures