Ring Bearers

ring bearer

The ring bearer and flower girl are adorable additions to any bridal party. There are some details and etiquette rules, however, that govern the choosing of this child. Keep reading for some great tips.

Age of a Ring Bearer

While his age really comes down to the personal preferences of the bride and groom, etiquette actually does dictate a recommended age. Typically, little boys between the ages of three and six are best. However, there have also been weddings conducted in which the ring bearer was a little girl. While there is no set number for bridesmaids or groomsmen, there generally is only one ring bearer in the wedding party. Of course, this can also be changed according to the bride and groom's preferences and needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

Their role in the wedding is simple. However, keep the following tips in mind:

  • He may walk with the flower girl or alone.
  • He typically walks down the aisle after the bridesmaid.
  • He will carry a pillow with the rings attached.
  • Some couples prefer to use fake rings on the pillow, but this is also a personal preference.
  • In most cases, his parents are responsible for paying for his suit, which is typically either a dressy suit, dressy short set or rented child's tuxedo.
  • If the suit is to be rented along with the groomsmen's and the groom's tuxes, then the parents typically pay the rental fee as well.
  • He is not required to stand with the bride and groom during the reception. However if he is a child of the bride or groom, he may do so.

Choosing a Ring Bearer

As you begin thinking about who to choose, there are a couple of points to keep in mind. The child may be that of a close friend or one of your relatives. The choice is up to you. In cases such as second marriages, a young son of either the bride or groom may fill this role, and this is perfectly acceptable. Keep in mind, however, that whomever you choose should be old enough to walk down the aisle on queue. They should also be able to carry the pillow which holds the rings. A child who is younger than three may not be mature enough to walk straight down the aisle or maintain control of the ring pillow. If your ceremony will be very long, it is perfectly acceptable for the ring bearer and the flower girl to sit with their parents after they have made their way down the aisle and during the exchanging of the wedding vows.

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Ring Bearers