Rehearsal Dinner Toast Tips

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The task of giving a rehearsal dinner toast speech traditionally falls on the father of the groom as well as a select few other people in attendance. Depending on the etiquette you follow for your wedding, however, you may wind up with a variety of different speakers.

Delivering a Rehearsal Toast

Brevity is key when giving a rehearsal dinner toast. Remember that the toast - by definition - is supposed to incite everyone to raise their glasses and toast the couple. For this reason, you should be sure to write something that celebrates the couple's love for each other.If you have never written a toast before, keep these simple guidelines in mind:

  • Start with who you are. Unless you are familiar with everyone in attendance you will want to make sure they know who you are. This speech isn't about you, so don't turn it into a résumé or personal biography. A simple introductory statement of "I'm Bob, the best man, and I've known Tim for ten years," is suitable.
To the happy couple!
  • Inject a personal experience. If you have a favorite memory of the couple, use it in your toast. A good example would be something along the lines of, "I'll never forget when we all went camping together because even though the tent blew away they were still laughing and having a great time."
  • Turn the story into an analogy of the couple's love. Use the personal story to demonstrate why the marriage is a great idea. For example, "Much like the windy conditions of the campsite, life is not always full of sunny days. These two will be great together because they can still laugh when the wind is blowing and the tent is gone."
  • Raise your glass for the toast. Raising your glass prompts everyone else to raise their glasses. At this point you give a simple statement celebrating the couple. Try something along the lines of, "Join me in a toast to two people who couldn't be more perfect for each other. To the bride and groom!" Raise your glass higher and drink.

Be sure to personalize the toast. A hollow toast copied from a book or website will see forced and will not have the effect that a well thought out speech will have.

Support the Couple

Giving a rehearsal dinner toast speech doesn't have to be chore. With a few simple guidelines, anyone asked to raise their glass to the happy couple can offer eloquent congratulations and support for their union.

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Rehearsal Dinner Toast Tips