Red Wedding Centerpieces

Classic Roses

Red wedding centerpieces are popular for many reception decorations because of the color’s romantic connotations as well as the beauty of red in many different wedding palettes. Whatever the season or theme of your wedding, red centerpieces can often add a romantic burst to your décor.

Classic rose centerpieces are one of the most popular choices, and there are many size and style variations. Simple, low centerpieces are a lovely choice because they add beautiful color to the table without blocking views or conversation.

Pretty Pearls

Elevated votive or tea light candle holders are an elegant choice to arrange as a centerpiece. Pearls or pearl-like beads can fill the bottom half of each holder, and a single rose bloom or candle can be added to the top for a finishing romantic touch.

Tall Roses

Tall topiary centerpieces are a great way to add dimension to your reception decorations, particularly if your celebration will be held in a location with tall, open architecture. A close ball of red roses atop rich black or white feathers is a chic design that still has the classic appeal of traditional roses.

Sweet Holiday Centerpieces

For a Christmas wedding, candy canes are a sweet touch to add to your centerpiece. Fill a clear dish one third full of red beads, crystals, or berries, and arrange the candy canes to curve over the lip of the dish. Tie a ribbon around the top of the dish for an elegant finish.

Red Flowers

Roses may be the most popular red flower for wedding centerpieces, but there are many other choices. Tulips are a bold option as a red bouquet, or brides might choose lilies, daisies, mums, or other red flowers to add unique texture to their centerpieces without sacrificing this romantic color.

Short Bouquets

Simple rose cluster bouquets in low vases are a lovely option for easy to assemble red wedding centerpieces. On the table, add rose petals, red crystals, or heart confetti to complete the centerpiece.

Head Table Decorations

The head table at a wedding reception is typically a longer, more prominent table and needs a larger centerpiece to be properly decorated. For a holiday event, a long, multi-candle holder with pine boughs, poinsettias, and red candles is a striking option, and similar designs can be used throughout the year with appropriate seasonal flowers and greenery.

Simple Centerpieces

Brides who like the look of candle centerpieces but who want a simple decoration can easily find red candle holders to add to a tray or dish for the centerpiece. Surround the candles with crystals, faux ice, river rocks, or similar accents to complete the centerpiece.

Circled in Red

Rose petals can be one of the most economical and easiest centerpieces. They can be scattered over the table or arranged into a circle or heart, perhaps accented with full rose blooms. They may circle a candle or other easy centerpiece, or they can be used alone on small tables where there isn’t room for larger decorations.

Sweet Strawberries

A strawberry bouquet is a whimsical and delicious red wedding centerpiece for a buffet line, dessert station, or near a chocolate fountain. Be sure to include a sign nearby inviting guests to sample the arrangement.

Adding Details

Move past the centerpiece and add coordinating red accents on the table for a cohesive, well designed look. Red napkins can be artfully folded or inserted into goblets for an additional splash of color that will complement any red centerpiece.

Coordinated Tables

A fully coordinated red wedding table should feature not only an outstanding centerpiece, but also other design elements such as dishes and linens that match the overall look. This will give a stunning impression for any wedding festivities.

Sweetly Simple

The simplest of centerpieces can also be the most romantic. A few rose blooms and sprigs of baby’s breath can be layered into a low bowl for a gentle yet attractive centerpiece that is easy to do yourself.

Red Fall Centerpieces

Bold red apples arranged in a whimsical bouquet can be a fun option for fall wedding centerpieces. While faux apples will be easiest to arrange in a tall bouquet, real apples can easily be piled into a bowl or added to a floral bouquet for a burst of crunchy red.

Beyond the Table

For a truly beautiful wedding reception, look past the table and add red decorations to the chairs as well. Ribbons or bows are easy to add to white chair covers and will coordinate with the centerpiece with elegance.

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Red Wedding Centerpieces