Junior Bridesmaids

junior bridesmaid

The role of a junior bridesmaid is perfect for a girl who isn't quite old enough to be a bridesmaid, but she is too old to be a flower girl. A junior bridesmaid's role offers those in-betweens the opportunity to participate in the wedding and be an important part of the bridal party.

Age of a Junior Bridesmaid

Since the bride will choose her maid of honor and the rest of her attendants, she will ultimately decide whether a young girl should have the role of flower girl or junior bridesmaid. The typical age is usually between eight and fourteen.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a junior bridesmaid really aren't that different from a flower girl. Her duties will generally include the following:

  • Purchase a Dress-Unless otherwise agreed upon, she is responsible for paying for her dress. Of course, this will really fall upon her parents, and in many cases, the bride may have already chosen the dress she'd like her to wear. On other occasions, however, the bride may only give a few stipulations regarding the length, color, and material of the dress, and then the parents and she may shop for the dress of her choice. Typically, the bride wants final approval before the purchase is completed though.
  • Attending the Rehearsal-While her role may not be as extensive as a bridesmaid's, she will still be expected to attend the rehearsal and maybe the rehearsal dinner. In many cases, her parents may also be invited to the rehearsal dinner as well if she is expected to attend.
  • Participate in the Processional-She will also be a part of the processional. Unless there is an extra young man in the bridal party, she generally does not require an escort. She may precede the bridesmaids in the processional or walk among them if she does have an escort.
  • During the Ceremony-She will take a place among the other bridesmaids during the ceremony. While flower girls may need to be seated with their parents during very long ceremonies, she should remain with the bridal party.
  • Receiving Line-Unless she is a member of the immediate family, she will typically not be a part of the receiving line at the wedding reception.
  • During the Reception-She may hand out rice bags, bubbles, bird seed, or any other item that will be used during the bridal couple's departure.
  • Attending a Shower-She is not responsible for hosting or even attending a bridal shower, although she is typically more than welcome to come and often is included in the planning and hosting.
  • Attending a Bachelorette Party-Her attendance at a bachelorette party really depends upon the nature of the party and how appropriate it would be for a younger girl.

Attire and Accessories

The clothing or attire of a junior bridesmaid will really depend upon what the bride prefers. It goes without saying, however, that her dress should be appropriate for the style of the wedding. For example, if the wedding will be a Renaissance ceremony, then she will need to find a dress that matches the occasion. While her dress might be similar to the bridesmaids' attire, her dress should always be modest. She shouldn't wear low-cut dresses or dresses with slits up the side. If the bridesmaids' dresses are strapless, her dress may be similar but with a strap added. Shoes and stockings should also be pre-approved by the bride. Low-heeled shows are preferred unless she is an older teen. Her bouquet should be a smaller version of the bridesmaids' bouquets.

Junior Bridesmaids