Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

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Flower girl dresses can be charming or whimsical, expensive or economical. Of course, the flower girl in your wedding will be adorable no matter what she wears, but LoveToKnowWeddings wants your flower girl to look as precious as possible, so we've come up with some great flower girl dress tips and ideas. For the answers to all your wedding questions, we asked wedding expert Sharon Naylor.

Selecting Flower Girl Dresses

While many people choose to dress their flower girls as a miniature version of the bride, this rule isn't set in stone. In fact, many flower girl dresses echo the designs of a bridesmaid's dress instead. Whatever style you choose, however, keep the following points in mind.

  • Comfort is important-Flower girls may be as young as one or as old as a preteen, but comfort should still be an issue no matter her age. Make sure her dress fits comfortably.
  • Check the length-You don't want her tripping over the hem as she walks down the aisle!
  • Choose material carefully-Choose material that isn't scratchy. If she doesn't like the feel of the material, be sure and find a full slip for her to use that protects her tender skin.
  • Don't forget the accessories-Sometimes a simple pearl necklace or lace headband is all you need to accessorize a beautiful flower girl dress.

Themed Dresses

Some weddings actually feature themes, such as beach weddings or medieval weddings. Your flower girl's dress should echo the theme as much as possible. Look for great accessories that play up the theme, such as leis for a beach wedding or flowered tiaras for a Renaissance theme. Be sure that the theme inspired dress fits well, and the accessories or the dress itself is not too cumbersome, especially for a younger flower girl.

Who's Paying?

Although flower girl dresses aren't as expensive as the wedding dress or the bridesmaids' dresses, they can still cost quite a bit of money. In most cases, the parents of the flower girl will pay for the dress, and they will probably love it if you keep their expenses down as much as possible. Sometimes, the bride actually allows the parents and the flower girl to choose her own dress, as long as they follow a few of the bride's suggestions. All of these details should be worked out beforehand, however, to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. In many cases, the bride may select several different flower girl dresses and ask the department store to hold those dresses until the parents of the flower girl has a chance to select the dress that they prefer.

Where To Buy

Finally, you can find flower girl dresses at a variety of department stores, such as Dillards, Macy's, and JC Penney. Don't forget to check for dresses at specialty stores in your area or online at sites like Pink Princess and Light in the Box. If you'd like your flower girl dress custom made, visit your local fabric shop and ask for seamstress recommendations. A local seamstress can custom fit the dress to your specifications.

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Choosing Flower Girl Dresses