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Dinner Prayers at the Wedding Reception

Amy Hoover
Prayers are often said before meals.

Having a dinner prayer at wedding reception meals is a common practice for those with a religious ceremony. Just as a family would pray together before their meals at home, the new couple may choose to have a prayer before their first dinner together as husband and wife.

Who Gives the Prayer

Who gives the prayer is really up to the couple. Often the clergy who performed the ceremony gives the dinner prayer. If you want to have your priest or clergyman give the blessing before the dinner, be sure to mention this in planning sessions before the wedding date.

Though it is customary to ask the pastor to give the wedding prayer, by no means is it the only option. Asking someone important you, such as the father of the bride, mother of the groom, or a beloved relative is also appropriate. Be prepared that the person you ask may not feel comfortable with public speaking, so do not be offended if she/he turns you down.

Certain people may not be suited to giving the wedding speech. If you are having a very religious ceremony of Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, or other denominational faith, asking someone of a different religion to give the dinner prayer at wedding reception meals could make him/her ill at ease. Additionally, most children and teens will not feel relaxed in a situation such as this. Instead, find other ways to include the special people in your life, such as asking them to help with the guest book, distribute programs, or take snapshots.

Elements in a Dinner Prayer at Wedding Reception

If you have been asked to give the dinner prayer at the reception, you should write it before that night. Unrehearsed speeches tend to sound off-the-cuff and be riddled with "um," "oh," and other fillers as you try to think of the right things to say. Being prepared will make you look polished and honor the newlywed couple.

Writing a dinner prayer can be hard, even for the most eloquent of speakers. Keep in mind that unlike wedding speeches, the dinner prayer can be broader in topic and is typically only a couple minutes long at most. Elements to include in the prayer:

  • Asking God (or other deity for the couple's particular faith) to bless the couple in their marriage
  • Blessing the friends, family, and guests attending the wedding
  • Thanking God for the food which everyone is going to eat
  • Praising God

Compose the prayer a week or two before the wedding. Ask close friends and family to read the prayer, listen to you practice, and offer constructive criticism. Use index cards with an outline of key points in the prayer if you have difficulty memorizing what you have written.

If you are invited to the wedding rehearsal dinner, use this opportunity to practice your public speaking skills. Offer to give the prayer at the rehearsal dinner. Should someone else already be given this task, you could also ask the bride or groom if you can stop by the reception location after dinner to practice.

Giving a dinner prayer at wedding reception meals is a solemn yet simultaneously joyous task. Guests asked to participate in this way should feel honored by the bride and groom, and should do their best to return that honor with an appropriate prayer.

Dinner Prayers at the Wedding Reception