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If your dream is to be married in Ireland, it may not be as out of reach as you'd expect. There are guidelines to follow, but Ireland is making it easier than before to have a destination wedding there. While… Keep reading »

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Romantic Weddings Abroad

While many couples get married in their hometowns, others choose to plan a destination wedding. Most destination weddings combine a beautiful wedding with a perfect honeymoon, all in the same city or resort. In this category, you'll find the information you need to make your destination dream wedding a reality.

The Location

Choosing the destination is the first step in getting your wedding off the ground. You'll find articles on some of the most popular wedding spots like Ohau, as well as a less-common venues that are just as intriguing, like a castle wedding in Texas! Get ideas and tips on weddings in:

You'll also find articles on everything a beach wedding has to offer, from choosing the perfect beach to selecting right beach bridesmaid dresses.

Planning Your Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding in a different location than where you live might sound stressful, but it doesn't have to be. With articles like our guide to getting married abroad, our destination wedding dresses tips, and even how to write the invitations, you'll be at ease planning your out-of-town wedding. You'll also find articles related to the technical aspects of destination nuptials, like finding photographers, or how to obtain a marriage license.


For some couples, their dream wedding isn't one surrounded by a crowd of people. Eloping to a wonderful destination can be the perfect way to get married. You'll find articles dedicated specifically on how to elope, the best and most romantic places to elope, and even money-saving elopement packages.

Choosing a unique destination for your wedding is exciting and memorable.

Destination Weddings