Bridal Shower Favors

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bridal shower favor

Most hostesses like to send their guests home with a bridal shower favor. Favors serve two purposes, the first is to have a token to commemorate the day. The second is to say "thank you" for being in attendance. While it's not mandatory to give each guest a favor, it's usually expected and appreciated.

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Something to keep in mind is how guests enjoy favors that are esthetically pleasing, unique or serves a purpose. Picking up any old cheap plastic favor is a waste, as these are destined for the trash bin. While you don't have to spend a lot of money, you can still choose a favor that is classy and in good taste. Functional favors are best because they don't contribute to household clutter. When choosing favors, consider their purpose. Will your guests use them or throw them in a drawer?

What follows are some favor ideas.

Food and Beverage Favors

A food favor is always popular. Food favors can be mini wedding cakes, small boxes of chocolate, or frosted cookies. These usually come wrapped in decorative cardboard boxes or tins imprinted with the shower's date and the bride's name. Many cakes, cookies and even candies come in the shape of an umbrella or wedding cake, or you can request goodies made up in your chosen theme.Beverage favors are also popular. Coffee and tea are presented in decorative packages with the name and date commemorated on the front label. If you're truly feeling ambitious, pair them up with tea cups or coffee mugs. Also available are wine, champagne and sparkling cider in decorative bottles and labels.

Candle Favors

Candle wedding favors are a popular favorite. Among the favorites are candles shaped like miniature wedding cakes. Other candle favor suggestions include hearts, shower umbrellas, wedding bells, bride and groom wedding cake toppers and flowers. Tea lights in tins imprinted with the shower's details are another favorite.

Other Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

  • Soaps in the shape of umbrellas.
  • Favor boxes made of porcelain, crystal, wood or tin.
  • Rose shaped crystal candle holders.
  • "Bride and groom" salt and pepper shakers
  • Heart shaped bottle stoppers or corkscrews
  • Heart shaped ice cream scoops
  • Silver heart or umbrella shaped book marks
  • Silver heart shaped key rings or measuring tapes
  • Chocolate lollipops shaped as hearts, wedding cakes or umbrellas
  • Silver place card or picture frames
  • Sachets filled with potpourri

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